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Home Opinion Opinion: 2019 Elections And The Kano Crowd: Remembering The ‘Yauma Hunayn’ – By Abdullahi I. Mahuta
Opinion: 2019 Elections And The Kano Crowd: Remembering The ‘Yauma Hunayn’ – By Abdullahi I. Mahuta

Opinion: 2019 Elections And The Kano Crowd: Remembering The ‘Yauma Hunayn’ – By Abdullahi I. Mahuta


The President was in Kano, last Tuesday. His home; his political stronghold. The people of Kano are Hausa-Fulani; they are also muslims and so is the President. So the President was at home, to meet his people.

Expectedly, the people of Kano came out in mass to meet their own. The crowd was tumultuous and the reception was warm and overwhelming. So overwhelming that some of us, and the President himself,  begin to relate the success of the 2019 elections with what he saw in Kano.

And that was when the battle of ‘Hunayn’ came to my mind. And then my heart skipped a beat. I became afraid! Rabbi agfirlana.

During the Battle of Badar, the muslims were only about three hundred(300) in numbers while the unbelievers were more than one thousand(1000). Outnumbering the muslims in a 3:1 ratio. In suratul Anfal, we read the graphic details of how Allah  (SWT) helped the smaller Muslim army defeated the larger and more advanced army of the unbelievers. Thereafter, the muslims won many other battles with the help of Allah.

‘Hunayn’ was the name of a valley somewhere between the cities of Makkah and Ta’if where a battle between the muslims and the unbelievers took place on the 8th day of Shauwal of the 8th year after Hijra. Unlike the previous battles where the muslims were smaller in numbers and their political influence confined to the city of Madina only, the battle of Hunayn took place after the muslims victory of the ‘fathu Makkah’.

But on the day of ‘Hunayn’ battle, the muslims out of the Euphoria of the victory of the ‘fathu Makkah’, their larger army and the expanded political influence, became proud and boastful. They were overwhelmed by their numbers so much so that they relied more on their sheer number than the help of Allah, ‘azza wa jalla’. (Suratul Tauba:25).

Consequently,  the muslims suffered heavy losses and humiliation and even took to their heels as a result of their pride and boastfulnes, until when they realised their mistake and turned back to Allah for his help. And that was when Allah came to their help and gave them another victory (Tauba:26).

Mr. President and my brothers in the Buhari project, Kano was there in 2003. It was also there in 2007 and 2011, but Kano did not give Buhari the Presidency. It was only in 2015 when Allah(SWT) decided. That was when Buhari became the President.

My brothers, don’t get too proud and arrogant. Don’t take Allah out of your equation. It is Allah that gives power to whomsoever He wishes. Jonathan was not a mistake and Buhari was not a favour. It is only Allah putting us on trial to see who among us “…. is best in conduct”(Mulk:2).

Remember also, “It is when you get full of yourself, that is when you are wide open for a sucker punch”

Allah  ka da ka bar mu da iyawar mu da dabarar mu. Allah ka yi ma na jagora.


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