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Home Opinion OPINION: The Man Masari: Between Reality and Political Lies – By Jamilu Haruna Funtua 
OPINION: The Man Masari: Between Reality and Political Lies – By Jamilu Haruna Funtua 

OPINION: The Man Masari: Between Reality and Political Lies – By Jamilu Haruna Funtua 




Jamilu Haruna Funtua B.Sc (BUK), M.Sc(Newcastle)

“Let men see, let them know a real man, who lives as he was meant to live.”

—Marcus Aurelius

Alhaji (Dr) Rt Hon Aminu Bello Masari CFR, Dallatun Katsina, Matawallen Hausa and Shettima Alamma Potiskum, is the real man, who’s living as he’s meant to live. A father, a gentleman, an achiever, a mentor, compassionate, empathetic being, amazing person, utterly committed to serving humanity without expecting praises or accolades.

Let me make some confessions: whenever I was in midst of friends I’ve never been oblivious to my background. What I underwent and how my life would have been without the intervention of this benevolent person.

I must admit that, after my father passed on early 2003 things started to go haywire for us. As the eldest son grappling to be on my feet. One must understand the frustrations of having 21 brothers and sisters to take care of while you were feeling the pinch!

Little people know the architect behind my success. Soaked in my thoughts about how dim the future would be, I received a glad tidings from the former Deputy Governor of Katsina State, Ambassador Abdullahi Garba Aminchi that the newly inaugurated  Speaker of the House of Representatives (now the Executive Governor of Katsina State) has promised me a scholarship and I should contact Alh. Buhari Ali  now his Principal Private Secretary. All the gentlemen were friends to my father. Blessed memory.

Interestingly, in a time when everyone is for himself and his family, His Excellency is exceptional. He stood for me in every circumstance. I won’t forget when I was at NYSC Camp in Abia State he sent me money and redeployed me back to Abuja as I insisted of not staying there.

I quite found it appalling when critics of His Excellency went on top of their voices to either deliberately misinterpreted the facts for their political gains or to showcase their  ignorance. How can you understand the man that your mind isn’t ready to? How can you ever see the good work of a person you declared your stark enemy?

It’s imperative to have a spirit of discernment- be appreciative of the  good done and be constructive in criticisms- in politics.

As Adlai Stevenson said: “I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them”.

I owe it as a duty to clear all the misconceptions propagated and infused to people. There was a time I visited him in his office at the Government House during my last annual leave. When he asked why I don’t come and greet him. I told him it’s not funny without appointment. He looked at me smiling and said: “it’s your fault, had it been you are coming often the security will know you as part of us”.

If that’s not humility then I don’t know what it is. If that’s not leadership then I don’t know what it is and if that’s not fatherliness then I don’t know what it is.

When I went to him fully kitted in uniform in our last meeting, he showed me how  worried he was over lack of promotion in office despite my M.Sc. and long time in service. Which I had to explain to him that I was recruited with BSc. He was so concerned because of my overwhelming burden.

How can you peddle lies on what you have no idea of? I am a proud product of His Excellency’s hospitality, generosity and sublimity. Quite a lot benefited from that. Just because they chose not to say it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Perhaps that’s their ways of appreciation.


  1. lallai muma sai yanzu mukasan roman demokaradiyya dan rt hon aminu bello masari yana kaunar daliban b.a.T.C yakawomana kayan aiki sosai dan haka muma munce 4+4 insha allah


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