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Home Latest Opinion: The Nigerian Political Environment – By M. S. Ingawa 
Opinion: The Nigerian Political Environment – By M. S. Ingawa 

Opinion: The Nigerian Political Environment – By M. S. Ingawa 


Nigerian political arena is, without any doubt, the most complicated political arena I have ever seen or heard if not in the world per say. An arena where politicians work like engines(24/7) but almost for nothing and disseminate energy but achieve zero work done compared to their counter parts in other countries. Why?

Because as soon as a candidate is declared the winner in an election or is appointed to serve in a capacity so many things come into play.

His family and friends would start a life taking jubilation assuming their fasting is finally broken (kakarsu take yanke saqa), His day-day spending multiplies to 20-30 because he would have additional 20-30 families insinuated into his feeding program,His properties (house, car etc) would be underated for his current position which’ll lead to non-negotiable changes and update on the properties,The budgets of his FAF are now to be indirectly funded by him, And the worst of it is that, the leaders can never walk freely, because at any point in time when people see him, they must have problems (genuine or fabricated) needing attention.

In fact to meet a leader in Nigeria is not also safe because you are expected to be wetted with money.

Nigerian politicians spend almost 70% of their political lives on the aforementioned and failure to do so, brings about automatic failure in the upcoming election. The leader will, after 4years, realize that he virtually has nothing tangible to present but to distribute money for his reelection.

All the above mentioned are caused by the situation of the nation where 60-70% of the educated youth are unemployed, 60-70% of the wokers have below demand salaries and poor governance went through by the country.

My call for the leaders is, to provide a lasting remedy to the causes for proper dressing of the problems and for proper dispensation of their duties.

May God help Nigeria and Nigeria

M. S. Ingawa

B. Eng Chemical Engineering (ABU Zaria)



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