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5 Things Women Want From Men But Won’t Admit

5 Things Women Want From Men But Won’t Admit


Let’s face it…women love to pretend they don’t want things but deep down they really do. They would never tell us that they want it because that would make things WAY to easy! Unless, you have one of those relationships where you’ve been together for so long you know what the other wants before they even want it!! Here are some things women want but won’t admit!

1) A Hero – Sure, they’ll make you feel good about not being heroic whatsoever but years of growing up watching Disney movies and silver screen blockbusters with men who save the day and are chiseled like Greek Gods. A lady likes to feel safe and having a Hero makes her feel safe like nothing else!

2) An X-Rated Sex Life – We’ve heard it many times, men want a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets but it’s a two way street. Few women want a man who is clueless in the bedroom and needs directions at every curve. So guys, step it up! Watch some movies, read some books or work out more! Make her happy!

3) They Want Their Man to be Manly – Have some callouses on your hands, do some rough work from time to time, sweat and get smelly….take showers before too long but women like to know you’re not afraid to bust a sweat and do some hard work! Sure they don’t mind the accountants financial situation but they want the rough neck’s manliness!

4) Intelligence – Just because they like the brute, they don’t want an idiot. Sure, they’ll deal with it if somehow they fell in love with a doophus but women are stimulated mentally as well as physically and having some smarts shows that you weren’t pulling pranks your whole life…you actually read a couple books and it sunk in. Women don’t want a brick brain man.

5) Show Them Off – Sure they don’t want you showing your buddy’s the bedroom pics but they like you to take them out and be proud of them, let them walk in first, introduce them to your friends, tag them in pictures, take selfies with them, be proud of them!


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