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Home Politics Dr Ahmad Adamu answers people calling him to contest in 2019
Dr Ahmad Adamu answers people calling him to contest in 2019

Dr Ahmad Adamu answers people calling him to contest in 2019


Dr Ahmad Adamu who is a lecturer in the department of economics Umaru Musa Yar’adua University Katsina, gave an answer to people who want him contest as the member representing Katsina central constituency at federal house of representatives in upcoming 2019 general election.

Dr Adamu who expressed his gratitude to the development few days back while speaking in a reality TV show Labour Room in Abuja said “some people has started asking me to contest in 2019 of course. But I say I have a vision in my career, that you guys are trying to distract me from my career. But I know there is a big role to play, because sometimes I feel guilty when I look at the caliber of people that lead us and represent us. I feel may be it is my fault, may be there is something I could have done different.”

Dr. Ahmad Adamu added that: “My philosophy is, I allow politics to come to me or I allow power or position to come to me, I don’t go chase for power or position.”

Furthermore, Dr. Ahmad said you have to be a light for insects to come to you” when you put sugar here ant will come, when you put up a light insects will come, even if you did not invite it. So am just trying to be a light and if the insects of power come to me, is expected.

“Dr added that, he set stage by what he is doing. According to him, the rule is making difference. Once you are a light insects of money, wealth, recognition, award, power, love trust everything will come to you, even if you did not invite it.

He went further and cite an example of Nelson Mandela and President Muhammadu Buhari as African presidents with brimful personality and integrity. According to Dr Adam, none of them develop political aspiration by him self, rather, their people saw an element of charisma and integrity in them.

Moreover, Dr Ahmad concluded his speech by leaving it all in the hands of his constituents, whether to accredit him as qualified candidate candidate or otherwise. When accredited as competent contender Dr. Ahmad Adam promise to be transparent and accountable to his people.


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