Sabuwa Local Government: An area sidelined in Masari’s Administration By Comr. Shamsu Ibrahim And Comr. Jabir Abubakar

Sabuwa Local Government: An area sidelined in Masari’s Administration


Comr. Shamsu Ibrahim Sabuwa



Comr. Jabir Abubakar Sabuwa

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Sabuwa or (Sabua) is a Local Government Area in Katsina State, Nigeria. It Headquarters are in the town of Sabuwa. It shares a border with Kaduna State at 11 0 10`00“N 7 0 07`00“E/11.16667 0 N 7.11667 0 E

Sabuwa Local Government Area maintained the highest unskilled labour employer in Katsina state, due to its huge agricultural investments. This lead to immigration of peoples from various part of the state to the area, to earn their living, this contributes immensely to the economic development of Katsina state and the nation at large, this is the reason why it was given a motto “providing enough crop to the nation and the world at large”.

The current Masari’s Administration under the platform of All Progressive Congress (APC) wrestle power from the then ruling party i.e Peoples Democratic party (PDP) due to the high support it acquired across the state, and this can only be accomplished when the support comes from the local governments with higher population in the state. And Sabuwa local Government is one of such, it maintain a population of 136,050 peoples as at 2006 census.

Sabuwa local government peoples dedicate their votes to the all progressive congress (APC) in the 2015 election due to the less care and unpatriotic discriminatory, political gerrymandering and political victimization it encounters when it comes to the issue of capital project and distribution of political appointments during the previous administrations. E.g many capital projects were launch and later snatch away from the area, this is why Sabuwa peoples with good faith dedicate their votes to All Progressive Congress (APC) with a view to rescue them from previous victimizations.

But despite all this the dreams of Sabuwa peoples were not actualized due to the following reasons.

  1. Sabuwa Local Government has no representative when Katsina state government is holding state executive council meeting.
  2. No capital project was launch by Masari’s administration in Sabuwa Local Government Area. The current electricity condition is a good example to this.
  3. The nonchalant attitudes shown by Masari’s administration to the security challenges in the area also shows that Sabuwa Local Government is sidelined by this administration.
  4. The on-going replacement of primary and secondary school teachers is ultra-biased. Our justification for saying such is that Sabuwa Local Government has 74 primary schools and less than 130 teaching staffs. Perhaps, if Katsina state is in need of teachers they have to either come from Sabuwa local Government or serve in Sabuwa Local Government.
  5. Masari’s Administration hijacked all the activities and affairs of Local Governments due to the joint account it’s operating with the local governments in the state. This distance Sabuwa local government peoples from this administration because we neither have a commissioner nor special adviser to the governor that can bridge the distance between the people and Masari’s administration.

Finally, if Masari’s administration is actually democratic not “Monkey dey work baboon dey chop” Sabuwa Local Government does not supposed to be sidelined, there are some local governments with two commissioners and other key political appointments, why not Sabuwa? Are we not from Katsina state? We therefore appeal to this administration to look at Sabuwa local government Peoples with mighty sight and rescue them from this discriminatory condition in the name of democracy, if not 2019 is coming.

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