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Home Opinion OPINION: Shema, defection and Katsina PDP – By Umar Tata 
OPINION: Shema, defection and Katsina PDP – By Umar Tata 

OPINION: Shema, defection and Katsina PDP – By Umar Tata 


Anybody who is conversant with the obsessive antics of the Katsina led APC government of Aminu Bello Masari will undoubtedly be confused as to why the only singular commitment of the the government is claiming to have PDP ‘bigwigs’ moving over to APC. One wonders if there are no people of mean and personality in the APC that it has to openly display this crass desperation to want to have PDP members in its fold when it has no record of managing its men and women.

So far, anybody that feels tired of being poor and is seeking relief from ‘merger,’ quickly remembers that sometimes back in the days of PDP government, Shema was once not fair to him and, therefore, cannot live in PDP now! Ask him why leave now not then, you will get no answer!

Among the people that stand out in this macabre dance of ingratitude are former commissioner of Agriculture, Musa Adamu Funtua, and former speaker, Ya’u Umar Gwajo Gwajo. These two men are the new brides of APC.

Musa Adamu was an opaque barely literate ragamuffin, who won election in 2003 under APP to represent Funtua local government in the Katsina state House of Assembly. He jumped to PDP after being sworn in and lost re-election in 2007. He was compensated with a commisionership position in 2007 and remained a commissioner for the 8 years Shema was the Governor of Katsina state. His major grouse with Shema was for not being adequately compensated after re-election in 2011. He was moved from the powerful Ministry for Local Govt and Chieftaincy Affairs to a lesser Ministry of Agriculture. He was a tout per excellence, purveyor of mayhem and anarchist in chief of the Shema regime. He became so powerful that, the then deputy governor, who came from the same geo political zone with him, was his punching bag. He later worked for APC in the 2015 elections for not being recognised as a worthy successor to Ibrahim Shema and he is now fully moving, body and soul, into APC.

Ya’u Gwajo Gwajo was a nondescript local government chairman of Maiadua local government, elected to Katsina State House of Assembly in 2003. He became the speaker in 2007 and remained so until 2015 when he lost the bid to represent Daura Zone as its Senator in the National Assembly. In the 8 years, he served as Speaker under the government of Ibrahim Shema. He has amassed so much wealth and power within this period that he has become a mini government unto himself. He is today a nomadic politician with no clear habitation between PDP and APC and his main grouse was Ibrahim Shema.

These are the two main people that immensely benefitted from Shema and whom today have no bigger enemy than the same Shema that gave them the medium to attain the position that made them attractive to APC today. My question is, if they feel unfairly treated by Shema in those days, why wait till today to hurt Ibrahim Shema when he is not in government and it won’t hurt him as much? What is the fault of PDP in all this to want to use it to move to a better pasture? Have they given back to PDP what it gave them for all these years that they are feeling justified to leave it? What are they taking to APC other than what they got from PDP, and will they do the same to APC when it eventually loses power in 2019, something it will inshaa Allah,  since they can’t do without patronage?

Much as we love to vilify Aminu Masari for dumbness, I don’t think he is too dapt not to see through the antics of these fair weather politicians. He can’t give them a quarter of what PDP and Shema gave to them and today they have no bigger enemies than PDP and Shema and certainly there will be time they will do the something to him and APC!

As for Ibrahim Shema, my advice to you, Sir, is look back. Your flock is shepherdless and in desperate need of leadership. All this is happening because you have gone too far from your people. Your good disciples here are doing their best, but it is not enough! Look back please. The people you left behind need you even if you don’t need them and all this defection nonsense is happening as a result of this. At least, maintain your base even if you will be misunderstood. Not everybody will understand you anyway!


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