One Auwalu Idi in Katsina prison for allegedly stealing 22 cows, 1 sheep

For allegedly stealing 22 cows and one sheep entrusted to his care, a Katsina senior magistrates’ court has ordered that a cattle rearer, Auwalu Idi, be remanded in prison, Punch reports.

The animals were allegedly stolen from a Zamfara grazing camp, during an armed robbery attack in which the 20-year-old son of the cattle owner, Lawal Sani, was wounded. gathers that Sani was the only one with the livestock when the robbers invaded the property. According to the police, Idi became a prime suspect, due to his absence and movement while the attack was taking place.

The herdsman had claimed that during the robbery, he had gone to look for a missing cow.

However, the suspect was discovered to have sold the missing cows at a market for N133,000.

Upon interrogation, Idi reportedly handed the money over to the owner of the cattle.

The herdsman was thus accused of armed robbery, criminal conspiracy and breach of trust.

The police report read in part: “Idi is strongly suspected to have conspired with cattle rustlers, attacked the said 20-year-old Lawal Sani, and stole the livestock which value is yet to be ascertained.”

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The case is expected to come up for mention on November 27.

The presiding senior magistrate, AbdulKareem Umar, ordered that Idi be remanded in jail till then.

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