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Home Politics Katsina State future lies with PDP – Umar Tata
Katsina State future lies with PDP – Umar Tata

Katsina State future lies with PDP – Umar Tata

The popular Katsina politician and philanthropist who was also a gubernatorial aspirant in the 2015 general elections Alhaji Umar Abdullahi Tsauri also known as Tata has declared that the future of Katsina State lies with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
Tata made this assertion in a long Facebook write up on his wall while dismissing what he called ‘mischievous rumours’ circulating that he will not be giving the PDP ticket in 2019 and that he attended an APC meeting in Kano in preparation for his decamping from PDP.
Bellow is the write up:
Two things happened within a space of three days, all of them the creation of those good at mischief. One Jamila Daura, I hope that is her name, circulated a letter to so many people claiming to be my well wisher and advising me, based on concrete information, that PDP will not give me its ticket and therefore I should start thinking of option B. According to her, I am adjudged to be too radica andl not likely to be pushed around and for that reason the PDP hierarchy is not comfortable with me and would rather settle that I become a deputy Governor as the ticket is going to Katsina South or Funtua Zone. This was supposed to be a personal and highly private letter from a well wisher to me but was circulated by the same well wisher statewide!
The second was the rumour that I was involved in a meeting somewhere in Kano with some APC bigwigs where it was decided that I will join APC. The last time I was in Kano was sometime in July on my way from Bamaina where I went to commiserate with HE Alhaji Sule Lamido over the death of his daughter. I slept in Bamaina and had to pass through Kano on my way back to Kaduna the following day. I have not been to Kano since then.
I don’t know why these kinds of mischievous rumours have become a part of my daily political life. More will come after these ones I am sure.
I want to assure my supporters, PDP fans all over the world and the good people of Katsina state that I am in PDP to the end inshaa Allah. I am not the type that jumps between parties and certainly not APC for that matter. In 2014 I left PDP to APGA after enduring a long tumultuous stay in the Party and even when all the doors were closed against me I did not leave until after the primary elections why then should I leave PDP now when all its doors are open to me and I am free to fly as high as my wings can take me? The future of Katsina state lies with PDP and I cannot for whatever reason sacrifice Katsina for personal gain!
Fear or lack will not make me join APC. There is nothing new that I have not seen than can be used against me. ICPC I have been there. EFCC I have been there. Police cell I have been there. Code of Conduct I have been there. Prison I have been there. Where then can anybody take me to make me join APC that I have not been to? The only place I have not been to is the grave and surely it is a rendezvous inevitable. APC has no control over that!
As for wanting wealth or being afraid of being poor this is a concern for small men not me and I have the wealth of the heart which is comforting enough for me. Allah has always been there for me and to Him I run in difficult times for solace!
I am PDP from head to toe and APC I will never join. Let these mischief makers think of a new strategy but this one has not worked and will not work!
The people of Katsina state have a date with Masari and APC. A date to tell him in no unmistaken language and to show him in a very clear term that they were deceived in 2015 and now they are wiser. That date is 3rd March 2019 inshaa Allah and that is the date he is afraid of.
May Allah show me the day when I will ply the ticket of PDP so that Masari will know I am not his match!


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