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Home Opinion OPINION: Unethical Politics and 2019 – By Dikko Muhammad  
OPINION: Unethical Politics and 2019 – By Dikko Muhammad  

OPINION: Unethical Politics and 2019 – By Dikko Muhammad  


It is now clear that people with the ambitions of occupying the highest office in Abuja have started making moves for the eventual realisation of that dream. Politics is often like soccer. Every player has own unique style of playing. That’s the skill that player got to sell to the clubs. Nigerian politicians also use unique brands to sell their popularity to the voters. A former Governor once said that he will have the Women’s votes because he was handsome and the women in the state would love to have a handsome Governor.

However, the usual labels being used by most politicians are religion and tribalism. They will inject tribal and religious affinities into common people, make them dogmatic and freeze their sense of reasoning. Blind support for the tribal man and blind hatred for the outside “other.”

The 2019 might not be different but it shows sign of a move that is unusual in the political strategies of our campaigns. This is the process of blaming, despising and denigrating one’s own tribe or “people” to have the support of some people outside one’s political stronghold. This move is being introduced by Atiku Abubakar who for long, nurses the dream of attaining the highest office. He is disparaging Northerners whenever he finds the opportunity to speak in public. He is courting the Easterners by his constant calls for the never-clearly-thought-out Restructuring agenda. recently, he commented that Northerners are lazy and Nnamdi Kanu, a man highly unpopular in the North, is a hero. Atiku is trying to get the support of the Igbos. One thing I don’t know is how one can get to that office with the support of one ethnic group in the country. President Buhari realised he needed to merge his party with the Yoruba to win the 2015 Elections.

Atiku Abubakar of all people ought to realise that you don’t joke with the Northerners if you intend to get to the Villa. Madam Patience made a similar gaffe and the people she insulted united and kicked her husband outside the Villa. I know Atiku is experienced enough to know all this in Nigerian Politics. What I don’t know is how this unique move is going to be fruitful in 2019.

Dikko Wurma Muhammad




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