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Home Opinion OPINION: On the Kaduna ‘APC AKIDA’ charade – By Dr. Rabe Nasir
OPINION: On the Kaduna ‘APC AKIDA’ charade – By Dr. Rabe Nasir

OPINION: On the Kaduna ‘APC AKIDA’ charade – By Dr. Rabe Nasir

The meeting of rubble-rousers in Kaduna was typical case of over rated jamboree of rollercoasters whose collective pride has been subordinated to the unrelenting ambition of a corrupt fugitive to  unseat President Muhammadu Buhari. Governor Aminu Bello Masari is only being used as scapegoat and smokescreen to ultimately dislodge the President from his very backyard of Katsina State using the gullible misfits in the showroom of politics! Take it from me; stick up before the mirrow of politics and see just how lean and short you all are to pose any threats to either MASARI or BUHARI!!! A word is enough for the wise.
To those who are in a position to defend what was done in the meeting, can the stipulate the over-emphasized “weaknesses” of the government as advanced so we can do justice to freely debate over them to verify whether the meeting was based on any stint of patriotism for the State or it was meant to serve as an excuse in the primordial selfish interest of a person behind them. I believe time will tell as we go, Insha Allah, and it will be clearer to all including those in attendance innocently, about the real motives of the organisers.
I think I will not be asking for too much if I challenge anyone to furnish us with facts and figures on the State Government’s  policies and implementation, budget provisions, incomes and expenditures in relation to the yearnings and aspirations of people of Katsina State over which the Masari Administration has failed. We also need to see the alternative options and the messiah and their  antecedence individually and collectively. All I heard was massive display of arrogance and ignorance of what the Katsina State Government is doing and how that has been positively impacting on the populace. Politics is indeed all about the choice of the people but I don’t see a sincere option in the Kaduna jamboree in history or for the future.
Their commitment and motive is neither altruistic nor patriotic but one found on the basis of selfishness and sheer contest of wit. While they couldn’t articulate in clear and irrefutable terms their issues, non of them has, out of sincere desire, ever consulted the Gov on such issues. This govt is not averse to constructive criticisms and had received many which were effectively noted and utilized. In their own case there was nothing constructive verbally or in writing let alone in narratives. Indeed we know Apc is up for some spoils in the build up to the next national election and this is part of an  orchestrated,but vain efforts, from within to reduce its fortunes starting from Katsina State in a bid to achieve a well dollar funded ambition to auction Nigeria. The same scenario is playing out in all the Northern states. Gullible and the disgruntled Apc members are being spotted all over to turn their backs against the party for another standing in waiting. Indeed, Biri na ganinka mai jar koma!!!


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