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Home Opinion OPINION: On The Persecution of Umar Abdullahi Tata By Lukman Kankia
OPINION: On The Persecution of Umar Abdullahi Tata By Lukman Kankia

OPINION: On The Persecution of Umar Abdullahi Tata By Lukman Kankia


As soon as the incumbent governor of Katsina state Aminu Bello Masari, then APC gubernatorial flag bearer stepped his legs in Katsina Motel Conference Hall, the representative of PDP chairman, the then PDP youth leader rushed out of the hall. He didn’t only left, but he requested for the attendance sheet to delete his name. For him it was a political suicide to be under the same roof with Shema’s mortal enemy, the powerful governor who was then calling the shot in the state.

Masari was there to honour my invitation for the launching of my debut novel, The Dirty Game. He judiciously used the opportunity and lash out at the police for being used in persecuting APC faithful. He lampooned, lambasted and even mocked Nigeria police for their role in harassing his men in spite of the presence of assistant commissioner of police at the event.

Some people thought Masari was too rude and impolite. But for those of us who knew the history of police dancing to the tune of politicians we reasoned with him.

This space is not enough to relate how political thugs backed by Shehu Koko the ADC to gov Shema were used to disrupt APC programmes in Katsina. Umar Tata who was then a PDP card carrying member wasn’t spared. His programmes were disrupted and his vehicles smashed. Masari was denied entry to Katsina in 2011 and Lado Dan Marke was arrested for alleged breach of peace by the all powerful Shema.

Most of us were hoodwinked into voting APC because of that “change” mantra. We had expected to have a government that will tolerate opposition’s criticisms no matter how vicious. We had dreamt of a government that will restore due process and rule of law, end impunity and tackle nepotism.

But to our dismay, what we are having in Katsina is just a mere change of faces.

I still couldn’t figure out why the police continue to arrest and harass Tata for his role in Mashi/Dutsi bye election. If its illegal for Tata who is nonresident and non indigene of Dutsi to participate in the bye election then on which ground did the governor went there, campaigned for APC and even issued threats to opposition?

The police had the nerve and audacity to arrest and arraign  Tata for holding a durbar in Dutsi when the whole supposedly chief security of the state was caught on tape threatening to deal with the opposition. As if this wasn’t enough, today also they arrested him for distributing relief materials to the people of Dutsi. This is brazen abuse of power.

When will the Nigeria police start being professional and desist from becoming tools in the hands of politicians?

Its pertinent to remind the governor what he already knows that, how he treats the opposition today, is how they will treat him tomorrow, because he is not there in the government’s house to stay forever.

Whether it affect us as individuals or not, we must speak against injustice and tyranny, because injury one, is injury to all.


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