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Home Opinion OPINION: Tanimu Sada: Political Brotherhood on trial – By Mohammed Babangida
OPINION: Tanimu Sada: Political Brotherhood on trial – By Mohammed Babangida

OPINION: Tanimu Sada: Political Brotherhood on trial – By Mohammed Babangida


I am anti establishment. I have always written and spoken ‘ bad ‘ things about our leaders and my stand is solidly to fight for the betterment of the society. I hardly identify with the people wallowing in the stinking corridors of powers for reasons known to me. But no matter what or how, I finds it difficult to stay clear off a cause I know I can contribute in.

When I see injustice, I talk. When my instinct prods, I obey. And that has landed me into trouble (most especially in my capacity as a government house correspondent) It’s not easy to be in the midst of powerful people.

Recently, pictures of Tanimu Sada (SSA Special Duties to the executive Governor and convener of the House-To-House organization), with Former governor Ibrahim SHEMA and PDP Chairman Salisu Yusuf Majigiri, were in the social media and – expectedly, the wolves in the social media and some government aides took on Tanimu for double standard.

To start with, I know that Tanimu is not a hypocrite and doesn’t play hide and seek with his paymaster. I have interacted with him at Muhammad Buhari House because he is always there. As someone who has been ‘ around ‘ for sometimes, I have come across government officials that derive pleasure in castigating the governor. When they speak in whispers, you see nothing but hypocrisy gallivanting around the sphere of life.

But I have never heard anyone said anything about Tanimu being a mole. His support for Masari is so stout that he initiated the House To House Awareness for the governor’s second term bid. I know how he suffered trying to get the governor’s blessing. I know how some top aides tried (desperately though vainly) to stop him from getting across the shores. I know how Tanimu mobilize youth and paid them from his own pockets in every local government area of the state.

Tanimu,it is, that will lobby Protocol officers to include his name in the governor’s entourage. He often joins government house buses to be in the governor’s convoy to show his support.

What I understand from this hullabaloo is that some wolves have lurking around the corner, spying on Tanimu to see him stumbles and he does. But for me, the pictures say nothing but exhibition of political brotherhood and maturity.

Another issue is that how could anyone be so shallow minded to post his own pictures (on social media) with the most rival of his paymaster if he has any skeleton in his cupboard? Tanimu posted the pictures because he knows he has nothing to worry. I have lost count of how many times Masari urged his aides to tread wisely in the course of political rivalry. If it really came from his heart, the pictures will bother him.

I am sure that the wolves have gotten across the divide to send those pictures to the governor (who is presently in Kaduna). As we wait for his take on the issue, all I can say is that political brotherhood has lost it steam in our place. The maturity exhibited by the late Sardaunan Sokoto and Aminu Kano has faded. And yet, we’re shouting progress.

*Mohammed Babangida (the_SOLILOQUIZER) is a radio personality (Vision FM 92.1) and an addicted Facebooker. He passionately hates mathematics and instantly falls in love with slim and fair ladies*


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