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Home Opinion OPINION: Between Commissioner Zakka and Local Government workers – By Muhammad Ruma 
OPINION: Between Commissioner Zakka and Local Government workers – By Muhammad Ruma 

OPINION: Between Commissioner Zakka and Local Government workers – By Muhammad Ruma 


The katsina local government civil servants (workers) are experiencing what we called “jungle justice” under the office of the Hon. Commissioner for local Government and cheiftancy, it is exactly 13months now when some workers salaries of the local government was not been paid which at the long run the governor order the payment of some of the cleared workers in January by paying them eight moths salaries, now It is exactly four months they have not been fixed back to the payroll, no any vital and concrete information from the office of the commissioner, which we dont know the reason for that? My simple question is that does the civil service rule allowed such type of silent without any reasonable information?

Please Zakka should remember that being in office after the oath taken does not give a room for silent up to 13 months, competence in office is your courage when perfecting the job well done through the rules of the law,for now the commissioner should know he is the mouth piece of the governor on issue like this; so care and sympathy need to be applied in your leadership, yes I said care and sympathy cause it is very complicated issues to stopped someone’s salaries who can no longer find a solution to his problem.

I will like to plead and call to His Excellency Governor Masari, to kindly bring such issues to an end, Masari should understand that he is a father,grandfather and onetime a civil servant,how does he feels when he sees children become school dropout because of salary cases under his watch, a case where someone took his wife for delivering and she lost her life just because he cannot afford the hospital services bill under the no cash/salary for months of masari administration?I think the greatest hope we have is having a leader who understand the pains of his people as a father but the silent of Governor Masari towards the local government issues is a sign of some mischievous elements are on the corner creating confusion and never want to see the positive side of katsina state.

Your Excellency sir, are we not suppose to get the reliable information from your commissioner in person of zakka but why the silent? we the people of katsina state believed in “MASARI TRANSPARENT AGENDA” so why the silent, we all in the state are your children and grandchildren sir and the holy month of ramadan is on the door side but it is quite unfortunate all those affected staffs will be in the state of confusion your Excellency sir, just like the way they spent the last holy month of ramadan in critical condition of nothing to eat at iftar except waiting manners to fall from heaven to feed them and I will like to also call the attention of our islamic scholars to please interven on this issues including our labour unions but we should remember that no condition is permanent. The affected staffs should  always be law abiding citizens anywhere they found themselves and continue to call the attention of the concerned stakeholders to kindly act on issues like this in order to move our state forward.

As we all know leadership is not an easy task but it will be easy task when justice and equal rights is being applied that what Allah want and He promised to ease the burdens of a ruler who have feelings for his followers which we believed governor Masari has that feeling for his people.

Finally I will like to remind the affected workers that they should be patience in life cause it is the greatest reward you will have,no one knows tomorrow except Allah, those behind the screen watching will be the ones in the screen watching by someone tomorrow,so respect for the leaders is key to success in a society.

I hope the executive governor of katsina state Rt. Hon Aminu Bello Masari will bring such crises and issues to an end for the movement of katsina local governments forward. May God continue to bless katsina state and Nigeria at large.

Com. Mohammed Ruma From katsina


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