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Home Politics INSIDER: The real reason for Tata’s open letter announcing his ‘resignation’ from Politics
INSIDER: The real reason for Tata’s open letter announcing his ‘resignation’ from Politics

INSIDER: The real reason for Tata’s open letter announcing his ‘resignation’ from Politics


This morning, the Katsina Social Media was set agog when people woke up to an open letter written by Alhaji Abdu Tsauri Tata to his supporters announcing his resignation from PDP.

In the said letter which appeared on Tata’s Facebook wall, it stated that Tata  have resigned his membership of the Peoples Democratic Party and will equally have his membership registration card effectively returned to his ward chairman.

Earlier in the letter, Tata took his time to explain why he ventured into politics in the first place and discrding the people’s believe that he want to become Katsina State Governor by ‘force’. He said: “To many of you, rightly or wrongly, you are unfortunately ascribing to me an ambition of wanting to rule Katsina by hook or by crook and to achieve that I am ready to do anything. You are wrong!”

By according to an insider who is also very close to Tata and also familiar with the situation informed KATSINA POST that Tata did not mean he has resigned from Politics or PDP entirely.

He confidentially informed us that Tata has only decided to take the back seat and become a passive member of the party.

This according to him Tata is doing this so as PDP in the State will know his worth and understand that he deserve to be respected by all as well as be treated with utmost dignity like every other member.

KATSINA POST learnt that trouble began in the party by some big people in it with same political ambition as Tata sometimes ago.

According to our sources, the fact that Tata already made open his political ambition and the party has some of its Executive members already siding with him has made some of these ‘big men’ in the party felt uncomfortable and complained.

The party in trying to mend things right then ordered those Tata’s supporters to choose between being party excos or Tata’s campaign team for the sake of fairness to all.

This according to our sources didn’t go down well with Tata and so he decided to write that open latter to his supporters and informed them of his intention to ‘resign’.


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