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Home Opinion MONDAY GIST: My Candid Advice to The People of MASHI/DUTSI Fed constituency – By Lukman Kankia
MONDAY GIST: My Candid Advice to The People of MASHI/DUTSI Fed constituency – By Lukman Kankia

MONDAY GIST: My Candid Advice to The People of MASHI/DUTSI Fed constituency – By Lukman Kankia


The forthcoming bye election to fill the vacuum created by the demise of Hon. Sani Bello is crucial not only to the people of Mashi/Dutsi fed constituency but to Katsina state and by extension the whole nation.

What is happening currently at the two chambers of the National Assembly is enough to vindicate this claim.

Even a noncurious political observer would agree that Magu and Hameed Ali are among the  lieutenants of Buhari who are doing well. Going after them is no doubt going after the president.

Most of these self-serving lawmakers both senators and reps wouldn’t have find their way to the upper and lower chambers save for the popularity of Buhari. They campaigned with his name. He even endorsed some of them and practically wooed votes for them with the illusion that they would support his government to success.

But what are we seeing today? Twice Buhari sent the name of Magu twice they rejected him based on spurious allegations. Aside that they declared a nonsense war against Ali for not wearing uniform.

What’s more worrisome was that, none of the senators from Buhari’s country home who were the primary beneficiaries of his popularity had the nerve and audacity to challenge the inactions of their colleagues. They chose to remain mute while the debate was going on. Only for one of them to issue excuses later, that he wanted to talk but didn’t had the opportunity.

This is the highest point of impudence to the president and of course a repercussion of SAK. This should be a food for thought for people of the affected constituency especially the delegates who are notorious for selling the mandate of their people in exchange for monetary gain.

I’m saying this aware that among the aspirants one is highly incompetent, irresponsible, scandalous, devilish and fiendish. Sadly, he is a close of ally of the state governor and I know he will use that as a tool to pursue his ambition. The people of Mashi/Dutsi should strongly resist any attempt of imposition.

At Katsina federal constituency, we are already grappling with the problems poses by an incompetent rep who also rode on the back of the president to secure the seat but is doing nothing to protect the interest of his benefactor.

Please voters, shine your eyes well. Make a wise decision. Because your decision could make or mar the future of Nigerians. Thanks.

Lukman Umar Kankia


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