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Home Opinion MONDAY GIST: The Nigerian Legislooters – By Lukman Kankia
MONDAY GIST: The Nigerian Legislooters – By Lukman Kankia

MONDAY GIST: The Nigerian Legislooters – By Lukman Kankia


IF there was any time ordinary Nigerians were suppose to drop sentiments and pursue a common goal its not better than now.

But the divide and rule policy which was employed by the politicians since the inception of the country is still at play. Pardon me to say we are too myopic, too gullible, too naïveté and too credulous.

When shall we stop blaming our neighbours for our misfortune. When shall we summon courage to at least point accusing finger at our real detractors.

Take a little pause and observe the national assembly. Almost all the tribes in Nigeria, all the states, all the geopolitical zones and of course all the two major world monotheistic religions are represented. The national assembly is so cosmopolitan in terms of religion and culture, but yet not once in their history have they ever exchange blows over religion, ethnicity or regional interest. They unite and pursue a common cause which is corruption and exploitation of the ordinary citizen and they are vent on frustrating any effort that will bring a paradigm shift.

Imagine a country where citizens continuously commit suicide by jumping into Lagos lagoon or by hanging themselves to ease their sufferings. Imagine a country with millions of IDPs finding it difficult to eat three times a day, and yet in that same country an elected representative purchased a single car worth three hundred million naira. Imagine a system in which a single lawmaker’s monthly earning could employ 200 university lecturers on the salary of N150000 per month.

When Sanusi Lamido Sanusi the king of all whistleblowers said the members of national assembly alone who are not up to 500 in number consume 25% of the total budget of Nigeria, meant to serve over 170m people the senate summoned him to the red chamber thinking that they could cow him into refuting his statement. The fearless, fiery and outspoken, then CBN governor, now emir of Kano went there with the hardcopy of the budget and proved himself right.

And yet to the gullible and myopic Nigerians that is nothing worth raising an eye brow. We still think the reasons for our woes are the members of the other tribes and followers of the other religion.

The conduct of Senator Dino Melaye in the recent certificate forgery scandal further exposed to me the real character of a people we have voted into the senate in the name of change. Dino reduced the otherwise exalted senate into an object of ridicule and mockery. It was then I fully grasped that mun kulle gida da barawo ciki, ( we have shut the door of our house while a thief was inside.

My people poverty, hunger and unemployment have no regard for religion, ethnicity or region. The sooner we stand against these tyrants the better. They are our real enemies. They feast on our blood. Thanks.


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