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Home Latest RIGHT TO REPLY: Re:Bewere of the ides of March BY Lukman Kankia Umar
RIGHT TO REPLY: Re:Bewere of the ides of March BY Lukman Kankia Umar

RIGHT TO REPLY: Re:Bewere of the ides of March BY Lukman Kankia Umar


The piece with the above title was written by one Dikko Muhammad and was published on Katsina Post on 04/07/2017.

I deemed it expedient to respond in order to correct some notions though I believe the writer habour no ill wish against the president.

To start with the alleged Brutus(es) and Cassius(es) around the president who are trying to pull him down. This opinion has almost become a cliche in the media. Its sponsors are behind the gaffe the first lady made against her breadwinner last year. Is there any cabal around the president? Let’s discuss.

What we see and read in the media isn’t always the case.

In the early 2008, there was agitation for the former Speaker House of Reps, Patricia Olubunmi Ette to step down over alleged house renovation contract scandal. When Yaradua was contacted he said and I quote, “the woman is innocent, but some people don’t want her on the job.” Read Adeniyi’s Power Politics and Death. In the same book Adeniyi quoted El-Rufai saying there was no cabal when Jonathan was acting president. That he(El-Rufai) and others created the notion in the press to neutralize Turai.

Since the inception of this administration there has been power tussle or if you like ‘cold war’ between two powerful blocs. One led by Saraki and the other by Tinubu. As of now the latter seems to be having an upper hand over the former. Saraki became Senate president against the wish of Tinubu. He staved off being impeached or indicted by the CCT and he played a key role in the emergence of Akeredolu in Ondo against the choice of Tinubu. What is next for Saraki to perfect the neutralization of Tinubu is to pounce on his anointed people in the govt. Babachir and Magu might be a perfect target.

Just think about it. Saraki whose record has never been devoid of corruption charges was shedding tears when the panel he constituted to investigate Babachir was submitting report.

What was more ironic was the call by the senates for Babachir to step down. Why Saraki refused to heed the same call even when he was a regular visitor to CCT.

On the alleged poverty/hunger. I say and I stand to be corrected, that even if there is hunger its being exaggerated. Somebody who couldn’t feed his family three times a day before Buhari’s tenure would now find a scapegoat in him. Those who could feed their families before could still feed them now. Go to market and see people spending money on luxurious items. Is this what you call famine?

The reality is that, there is inflation which the minister of state for Budget and economic planning put two 14% but 50% will be more appropriate. Three inevitable factors caused the inflation. Enforcing taxes on private companies and industries that hitherto refused to pay for many  years. These industries retaliated by reviewing the prices of their products. Secondly the closure of land border and the rising cost of dollar against Naira.

The writer reduces the merit of land border closure to only desire to raise revenue. Even a less informed Nigerian can testify to the merit of that when just last week a container stuffed with riffles was intercepted at a Lagos port. Had  it been it were before when our land borders were open, may God save Nigeria.

No doubt we are in the most difficult of times but the situation is being managed. Ask the citizens of Greece to tell you their experience. This hardship of ordinary man is a global phenomena. Its what elicited Brexit in England, spurred change in America and made president of Italy lost referendum. Ask Saudi Arabians how they are faring. Life is not the same anywhere in the world.

In a way the recession is becoming a blessing rather than a curse. The rising cost of dollar and the closure of land borders made it difficult for many importers to import. Instead they are now establishing the companies within the country.

I’m not an economist but I believe revitalization of an economy require practical solutions not magic. The closure of land borders, forcing of citizens into production and curtailment of corruption are part of the measures. I think this is what the President is doing. More people are now into agriculture than ever before.

The writer asks the president to employ fire brigade approach to reduce the inflation and end the hardship. Its not been done that way. The man is no longer GMB, he is PMB. Had it been it was before, he would have since sack all the corrupt judges, dissolve the self-centred law makers and deal with any cabinet member found wanton. But democracy with all its cumbersome and bureaucratic nature didn’t give room for that.

After all, palliative measures are on the way. The new minimum wage and a committee formed by VP Osibanjo to study the prices of food and other goods. Nigerians shall thank the president for holding the country together and paying salaries as at when due.

We that still stick with the president are doing so not because of religious or tribal affinities. No. We stick with him because we still believe he is a good man suffering to satisfy his people.

What our president need at this time is prayers and well wishes not wailing.

Finally if Buhari die the death of Caesar as depicted by Shakespeare in Julius Caesar, he will die a hero not a villain. Thanks.


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