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Home Politics Masari Youth Vanguard coordinator decamped to PDP
Masari Youth Vanguard coordinator decamped to PDP

Masari Youth Vanguard coordinator decamped to PDP


The foundation of Katsina State’s APC was shook as one of its iconic youths figure and Masari Youth Vanguard (MYV) [not Masari’s youth coordinator as we erroneously reported yesterday] coordinator Alhaji Mustapha Radd decamped to the states’ biggest opposition party -the PDP, recently.

In an exclusive phone call interview with KATSINA POST, Mustapha Radda stated unequivocally that he decided to part way with the current government under the leadership of Governor Aminu Bello Masari.

When KATSINA POST asked him why he took the decision, he said that it is because -according to him – the government has drifted away from its focus and has equally loose people trust and confidence including his despite leading the youth wing during the campaign struggles.

When asked whether he has tried to advice the governor on what he perceived to be wrong with his government before taking his decision of decamping, he replied in the affirmative.

Further more, KATSINA POST asked Mustapha Radda if his decision to decamp to PDP was because he was not given any appointment, he said that although he was not given the appointment and despite the fact that he deserve such as it is only fair for him to be given the appointment, he further stated that what prompt for his decision was clearly the lack of direction of the current government.

Mustapha Radda also exclusively told KATSINA POST that he decamped to PDP and also pitched tent with Alhaji Umar Abdu Tsauri Tata.

When contacted for the APC’s version of the story, the Personal assistant to the Director, Masari Restoration Awareness Forum, Yakubu Sabo Musa, he confirmed that Mustapha Radda has indeed decamped to PDP but said it was purely because of his selfish interest and not the “lack of direction of the current government” as he claimed.


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