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Home Opinion Opinion: The Chemistry of Katsina Political Jagaliya – By Baba-Bala Katsina
Opinion: The Chemistry of Katsina Political Jagaliya – By Baba-Bala Katsina

Opinion: The Chemistry of Katsina Political Jagaliya – By Baba-Bala Katsina


The way Katsina APC pretends to be God fearing and doing all these shenanigans for the sake of Katsina people is laughable. It’s proven, the party, to be intellectually deficient. It never knew Katsina Mind from on set, which is why it’s still confused as to what to do right is, and with all its strength fighting public perception from all angles but to no avail. Don’t live in denial of the fact that people know and understand what you’re doing.

Katsina Mind is ever wise, calculative, tactical in war, knows what it wants and can separate truth from falsehood. The only weakness with Katsina Mind is in its inability to know how to form alliances and with whom, or knows its enemy, according to our erudite teacher Prof Dahiru Yahaya. And this is manifesting in how in disarray the opposition party is today after loosing election to put a serious challenge and begin articulating an alternative development proposition, looking at the present APC’s many weaknesses.

But this weakness of Katsina Mind however doesn’t make it intellectually weak as assumed by the current political leadership and some scholars. Its ability to re-strategise  and fight tactically to the latter is what always the other members of Hausa family fear about it — a fact so obvious in our ancient and recent history. Masari and Yar’aduas’ are beneficiaries of that. The popular clinch “…Kunya gare ku badai tsoro ba” had it’s root from there. But scholars’ postulation that in this century except something is done, different forces have assembled their arsenals ready to take control of the Katsina Mind knowingly or unknowingly — for good or bad, is becoming true and clearer from political point of view. But then APC is fighting outside the philosophy of the Katsina Mind.

In this Shema’s travail, it’s about vengeance than fight against corruption, and until a matured set of leadership takes over from the present, APC too will suffer same fate or even worst. There are many ways to fight a political enemy. Using past corrupt practices to get at an enemy is not only an old fashion but only one of the many ways to demystify a political enemy. Any lover of you will tell you this. No matter how prudent you’re with the state’s resources today, you might have done enough other things already in the eyes of political watchers (scientists?) to make you a subject of ridicule in the future.

You’re turning Katsina politics into that of VENGEANCE; a bad political culture and precedent — and it will count on our progress as a people, no doubt about it. It’s more pronounced now than ever. It may no longer fit us to be so called “Dakin Kaara”, since the centre could not hold.

Thread carefully, you overzealous youths who can’t think of any other things better to do with your lives. Things that should make you think twice are Masari’s age factor, uncoordinated team of his to convince Katsina people that they mean business and have what it takes to place the state where it should belong in Arewa family, lack of a clear political philosophy that will make him build a political dynasty like the Yar’aduas’ — a charisma Shema also lacked and is living to regret today. Imagine Yar’adua being put in trial in this manner at an Abuja High Court talk less of Katsina’s.

Whoever is with this administration today and knows about the science of Nigerian and Katsina politics, is aware that there will probably be no post Masari administration political dynasty bearing his name or philosophy to reckon with in the near future.

When we were raising questions on and critiqueing most of Shema’s policies; poiting to their futility and… you’re either carried away by his capital projects or praise singing him. Today you’re with Masari, surprisingly. Get a life. I don’t pity Shema either, but then I don’t like the way it’s being done. This is more a guilt conscious of a people (I should write about this next). Whoever gets power but doesn’t know what good to do with it, will live to regret ever having to hold it. A lesson to all not only Shema. Allah Rayan Jahar Katsina.

We will be living witnesses.


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