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Home Opinion Opinion: France’s Conspiracy against Nigeria:Time to Boomerang By Imrana Salisu
Opinion: France’s Conspiracy against Nigeria:Time to Boomerang By Imrana Salisu

Opinion: France’s Conspiracy against Nigeria:Time to Boomerang By Imrana Salisu


France’s Conspiracy against African countries can be traced back to the French long-held ambition to expand the failed crusade in the middle east to African countries particularly, north African countries in 16th century. 
 According to Al Jazeera english documentary, French-African relationship famously known as Francafrique is a brutal and nefarious tale of corruption, massacres, dictators supported and progressive leaders murdered, weapons-smuggling; cloak-and-dagger secret services and spectacular military operations. 
 French failure to colonize largest countries with military and economic might in African countries led to the underground support of rebellion in those countries-countries like Nigeria. 
  Nigeria experienced its first civil war fuelled by forceful military take over in 1960s.This war was prolonged largely due to the French military aid to the Biafran fighters in the southeastern states.Biafrans received both lethal and non-lethal aid from French government through its cronies (SAVE THE CHILDREN And DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS) all in an attempt to destabilize the the Nigeria’s state and colonize the would-be break-away region in search of its solutions to energy hungry since the then region was believed to have marketable oil and gas deposits, historians viewed this as first French conspiracy against Nigeria. 
 Francafrique (French-African connection) was historically known to be weakest on African countries side, these francafrique countries have been the weakest interms of military and economic strength, thereby relying hugely on French intervention. But the question here is “Why does France intervene in African countries affairif not worth for it?
  In 2009, Boko haram members were militarily cracked down leading to the death of the then leader Mohamed yusif , this led the boko haram members to go into hiding. French secret service woke up and noticed this as opportunity to reactivate the members by arming them undergroundly.
  By late 2010, Boko haram was able to resurrect and launched suicide bombing campaign and high level assassination mostly on security and government officials. Meanwhile, boko haram activities became insurgency-like activity and had much presence in the villages around maiduguri and some part of yobe state. 
  Boko haram insurgency was widely believed to be remotely funded by French secret service since all its weapons and sophisticated gadgets were French made.Locals in those villages where the insurgents were occupying witnessed the strange presence of white men who spoke french and some time people with light-skinned color and coiled hair.These people were reported to had frequently airdropping weapons and food items to boko haram members. In late 2013, leadership newspaper reported how French government babkrolled boko haram activities, but no active was taken by the then government. 
  Also, in early 2015, one of the leading online whistle-blowing newspaper (The cable) reported how the French government through its proxy (Chad) catalysed boko haram insurgency in order to slow down the Nigeria’s ambition to start exploration of oil and gas in lake chad region which Chadian government believed that once the exploration begins, its oil deposits would move down toward Nigeria’s territory similar scenario to what happened between Libya and Niger republic. This and many other reasons Chadian government bought into the idea of conniving with French government to halt the exploration. Many Chadians were caught fighting shoulder to shoulder with boko haram insurgents. 
   The war-ravaged northeastern Nigeria seemed not enough to fulfil French agenda, the idea of establishing cattle-rustling (kiwo-haram in local hausa language) operation came up in the Northwestern region (Kaduna, Kano, Jigawa, Katsina, Zamfara, Kebbi and Sokoto states) and in some Northcentral states. Zamfara had been among worst hit with ransacking of villages, uncountable number of cattles were rustled, properties worth billions of Naira were either taken away or destroyed and many people also lost their lives.
  The cattle-rustling activities were alledgedly aided and remotely-controlled by French secret service. To buttress this allegations , many locals as well as some government officials including a high ranking senator representing Funtua region raised the same alarm of sighting helicopter airdropping weapons and food supplies to the rustlers in the thick forest surrounding the villages in the Northwestern states. Most of the captured rustlers confessed to be recruited and aided by French secret service in order to destabilize those states. Experts believes that with introduction of cattle-rustling activities in the Northwest region, farming activity has largely been affected since many farmers were either killed or rended homeless and their farm produce had also either been taken away or burned down. 
   All these attempts were to justify the French intervention in Nigeria, since almost every country colonized formally by French there are significant number of French troops stationed and recently, French government jerked up its troops in neighboring chad and Cameroun all in the pretext of providing intelligence militarily and assisting in managing the large number of refugees trooping in to those countries. 
  There have been reported cases of capturing French nationals during raids in boko haram location in the far-north Cameroun by Camerounian forces. This report of capturing French nationals was also reported in some Camerounian newspapers, but French government was quick to deny the report. Large cache of arms made in France were usually intercepted or recovered by both Nigerian and Camerounian security forces during their encounter with boko haram insurgents.
  Also, Niger republic security forces had at many times reported to have ransacked camps alledgedly operated by boko haram members and many French-made weapons,suraya (satellite) phones and many electronic gadgets were recovered. 
 Many observers believe that the media oxygen with which boko haram insurgents used to survive was heavily supplied by French own news agency (AFP news agency).
  In the aftermath of the recent capture of the last stronghold of boko haram known as camp zero, many foreign nationals were captured, large cache of French-made weapons were recovered, electronic gadgets, suraya phones, and solar-base electronic equipments were also recovered with which boko haram insurgents amplifying their terrorism propaganda. 
   A French national who is believed to be specialized in repairing and decording of armored personal carriers was run out of luck , when he was captured by the troops, and this time around French government has not been quicked to deny that her national wad among the captured foreign nationals. 
   It is therefore infered that most of the terrorist activities going on in the African region particularly north African countries is well supported and funded by French government going by its history. It is also worrisome that these terrorists have been parading themselves as Muslims. 
  I am therefore calling on Nigerian government to be wary of French government in receiving military intelligence on boko haram insurgents since it’s part of the problem not part of the solution and Nigeria should disclose the names of those captured and prosecute them in the competent court of jurisdiction irrespective of their countries, because British law adage says “No body is above the law” irrespective of whose ox is gored and it’s therefore time to boomerang. 
Imrana salisu is a student from Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina


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