Dear Sir,

With due respect and honour sir, I am writing to you wholeheartedly to remind you about your agenda (Educational Sector) which you have said, is your top priority, and would be restored and upgraded in 2016 as you vows as at end of December 2015.

Just recently, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of kano state vows to review teachers welfare in his state -meanwhile the issue of deployment and recruitment of qualified teachers, Provide adequate teaching materials and library equipments have been done accordingly, here we are not talking about welfare, rather, the difficulties being faced to our educational system, because the quality of education here in katsina state is dying due to your sluggishness in considering the sector.

Just a recent ago, KATSINA POST News updated us that you have employed 530 personnel in Health sector – what of Educational sector? If not for education could those whom you have employed been found? Your Excellency you have to wake up and make it real in educational sector.

To make it real, restored and upgraded you must review educational problems in this state, review teachers welfare, employ more and more qualified teachers, give education serious concentration, form committee that would weekly, monthly or yearly make a survey to find out progress and lapses in our education because our Katsina state Education do not need your agenda called RESTORATION nor AWARENESS but rather UPGRADE.

By applying these eternal truths, I am sure our future education would be those of the olden days where everything is quite alright.

I was watching you on TVC news when you said you constructed 600 classrooms in your state, This is not what our education needs, our education need to be fully considered, dedicated and hardworking habit, not sluggishness and beating around the bush.

At the end, I commend your efforts and your daily struggle.

Ahmad Ganga

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