Full speech: Governor Aminu Bello Masari Presenting 2017 Budget (Read)

Alhamdulillah. I wish to begin by expressing my sincere appreciation to Allah (SWT) for sparing our lives and for giving us the strength and wisdom to stand before you today and present the 2017 Budget Estimates, which is tagged “Budget of Stabilization”.

I have no doubt in my mind that from the date we took over the administration of Katsina State, the art and process of governance in the State have completely changed to a process where people always come first.

Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members of Katsina State House of Assembly, I wish to reassure you that the present administration is strictly following its designed policies and programmes for the general well being of the people of Katsina State.

We once again express our gratitude to Allah for guiding us to success.

It is common knowledge to all Nigerians in general and people of Katsina State in particular, that the 2016 financial year came with so many challenges. Governments at all levels were and are still battling with dwindling oil revenue arising from the world wide fall of crude oil prices, economic saboteurs, militants in the Niger Delta, Insurgents, Kidnappers, Cattle Rustlers and so on. These have greatly affected revenue generation at all levels. Without these revenues, Governments find it difficult to perform to the expectations of the people. Despite all these,

Katsina State Government was able to accomplish a lot in the areas of Education, Health, provision of potable drinking water for both human and animal consumption, Infrastructural Development, Poverty Alleviation, Economic Empowerment, Security, etc.

Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members of the State House of Assembly, other distinguished guests, let me therefore seize this opportunity to review the performance of the 2016 Budget in the process of uplifting the lives and standard of living of the people of Katsina State.

The 2016 Budget which was tagged “Restoration of Hope” was designed to restore the hope of the people of Katsina State. The intention was to complete all ongoing projects across the State and rehabilitate and upgrade dilapidated structures in addition to executing new ones. Part of the road construction projects which the present administration inherited include Marabar Sayaya – Sayaya – Tashar Icce Road (24km); Eka – Kadandani – Kuraye – Yargamji Road (21km); Sandamu – Baure – Babban Mutum Road (75km), etc. All these are currently being funded to ensure their early completion and utilization by the people of Katsina State.

Inspite of the lean financial resources, the present administration has under the 2016 Budget awarded Contracts for the Construction of 40km Gora – Makaurachi – Mallamawa Road, at an Estimated Total Cost of N2,643,382,903.91 which has recorded 29% progress; 50km Dutsin-ma – Tsaskiya – Babban Duhu – Kukar Samu Road at the cost of N3,288,292,097.71 with 12% progress; and 38km Fago – Katsayal – Kwasarawa – Jirdede – Koza Road which was awarded at the cost of N1,909,827,028.49 and has recorded 34.6% progress.

Also, the State Government has recently awarded Contract for upgrading of Katsina Township Streetlights at the cost of N136,112,645.56. The project is at an advanced stage of execution.

Similarly, considering the level of dilapidation on most of the roads across the State, the Government embarked on massive rehabilitation of roads such as Magamar Ajiwa – Makurda Road which was rehabilitated at the cost of N2,842,420.00; Yankara – Faskari – Maigora Road which was rehabilitated at the cost of N2,777,500.00; Malumfashi Township Roads which cost the Government the sum of N8,566,750.00; Funtua Township Roads at the cost of N4,948,000.00; etc. The total amount released as Capital Allocation to the Ministry of Works, Housing and Transport as at 30th November, 2016 was the sum of N5,796,081,199.90.

Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members of the State House of Assembly, in an effort to provide safe and potable drinking water, the Government had completed the first phase of the rehabilitation of Malumfashi Water Supply Scheme which was awarded at an Estimated Total Cost of N1.5Billion while the contract for the rehabilitation and upgrade of Kafur Water Supply Scheme was awarded at the cost of about N200million.

Similarly, the Contract for the expansion and rehabilitation of Ajiwa Water Works which was awarded at the cost of about N2.0Billion has reached an advanced stage of execution.

The State Government has also within the 2016 financial year procured 1,502 metric tons of Alum in addition to other water treatment chemicals at the cost of N258,598,336.00. Other projects include rehabilitation of existing boreholes and construction of new ones across the State to boost the provision of potable water for human and animal consumption. Government has in the 11 SHAWN Local Governments constructed 678 hand pump boreholes and 20 motorized boreholes, 6No. compartments of latrines in some selected Secondary Schools and provided hand washing facilities in 11No. Primary Schools. Arrangements have been concluded by the State Government to award contracts for the drilling of 46 hand pump boreholes, 23 motorized solar boreholes as well as rehabilitation of 680 boreholes across the State. From January to November, 2016 the sum of N1,854,387,868.00 was released to the Ministry of Water Resources as Capital Allocation to cater for these water projects.

Katsina State being an agrarian State relies so much on agricultural activities for economic growth and sustainability. Despite the economic challenges, the State Government had within the 2016 financial year procured 23,000MT of fertilizers at an estimated total cost of N3.2 Billion which was distributed to farmers across the State at subsidized rates. This resulted in the increased production of agricultural commodities.

Similarly, the State Government had rehabilitated Earth Dams, Irrigation Schemes as well as purchased 620No. 3 inch irrigation pumps and agro-chemicals for distribution to farmers. For example the Government has under the 2016 budget participated actively in the operation of Jibiya Irrigation project, rehabilitated Daberan Dam and Irrigation Scheme as well as Tafoki Dam and Irrigation Scheme among others.

To control and improve the health status of livestock, the Government had within the 2016 financial year conducted the annual vaccination exercise, where thousands of animals were vaccinated against common diseases affecting animals in the State.

The Government is making special efforts through the Ministry of Agriculture to boost Rice, tomato and cowpeas Production in the State. The Ministry of Agriculture had as at November, 2016 received a total sum of N1,674,936,672.00 as Capital Allocation.

The Education Sector had benefited immensely from the 2016 Budget.

Apart from the Construction of new Government Day Secondary Schools at Kaita in Kaita Local Government Area awarded at the cost of N124,810,100.17 which is about to be completed and Kadisau in Faskari Local Government Area awarded at an Estimated Total Cost of N101,561,463.93, whose execution will soon start, so many Schools were renovated and upgraded in order to make the atmosphere conducive for teaching and learning. These include the renovation and upgrade of Government Girls Science Secondary School, Ajiwa which costs the State Government the sum of N241,367,734.83, Government Day Secondary School, Makera, Funtua awarded at an Estimated Total Cost of N81,713,652.66, Government Science Secondary School, Bindawa which was executed at the cost of N56,877,133.02. Others include Government Science Secondary School, Batagarawa which was awarded at an Estimated Total Cost of N203,736,808.68, Government Unity Secondary School Malumfashi awarded at an Estimated Total Cost of N178,994,416.13, New Government Science Secondary School Musawa (formerly Dandattijo Community Secondary School, Musawa) at the cost of N179,476,982.37, Government Girls Secondary School, Shargalle awarded at the cost of N78,280,729.98, Government Girls Arabic Secondary School, Kabomo at the cost of N66,333,969.33, Government Girls Day Secondary School, Malumfashi at the cost of N57,358,754.40, Computer Based Test Centres at Funtua, Malumfashi, Daura and Dutsinma at the cost of N21,096,109.00. All in all the Government has expended the sum of N963,630,183.55 in the course of rehabilitation, upgrade and construction of additional blocks of classrooms in 15No. Secondary Schools across the State.

In line with the new policy of the State Government for payment of examination fees to eligible candidates of the State origin, the Government had effected payments of both NECO and WAEC Examination fees in respect of the candidates that were qualified to benefit from the programme. The sum of N500,000,000.00 has been earmarked for the payment of examination fees for the Government Sponsored Candidates.

The State Government had successfully accessed the sum of N876,756,755.00 from Universal Basic Education Commission, Abuja after the payment of the State counterpart contribution of the same amount. In the process the State Universal Basic Education Board has under this Administration rehabilitated 215 Schools and constructed 276 classrooms while over 19,000 sets of various furniture items were supplied to Primary Schools across the State. The Education Sector had received a total capital allocation in the sum of N1,681,611,428.00 as at November, 30th, 2016.

Taking into consideration the dilapidated nature of hospitals across the State, the State Government had under the 2016 Budget concentrated more on the renovation and upgrade of hospitals across the State.

The renovation and upgrade of General Hospitals Katsina, Funtua and Daura, Phase I and II awarded at an Estimated Total Cost of N857,039,787.70 have reached advanced stage of execution. Other projects include the renovation and upgrade of General Hospital Kankia awarded at the cost of N251,552,416.71 and the College of Nursing and Midwifery at the total sum of N94,614,000.00. Recently, the Government awarded contract for the supply and installation of hospital equipment for health facilities undergoing rehabilitation across the State at the sum of N700million.

Also, arrangements are on top gear to establish a Teaching Hospital at Umaru Musa Yar’adua University as the construction of Administrative block of the Hospital will commence in the 2017 financial year.

In an effort to address the dearth of qualified Health Personnel in Government Health Facilities across the State, the Government had employed 530 new staff that include Medical Doctors, Nurses, Laboratory Technicians, Hospital Secretaries and other category of Health Personnel. The affected staff have since been posted to various hospitals for effective utilization.

Similarly, the policy of the State Government on the purchase and distribution of Free Medicare Drugs across the State had continued under the 2016 Budget. Already adequate drugs, under the Scheme, were procured and distributed to all the hospitals across the State. The sum of N1,863,161,646.00 was released to the Ministry of Health as at 30th November, 2016 as Capital Allocation.
In an effort to save the environment and reduce cases of overflooding and other environmental challenges, the Government had within the 2016 financial year concentrated on the construction of re-enforced concrete/block lined drains with cover slabs across the State as well as continued with the environmental sanitation exercise to provide and sustain clean environment all over the State.

Some of the projects include erosion control project at Kayauki village in Batagarawa Local Government Area awarded at the cost of N143,953,147.89 which has been awarded recently; construction of masonary lined Drain, pedestrian/ vehicular cover slab and laterite filling at Unguwar Jikamshi in Musawa Local Government Area awarded at an estimated cost of N37,219,626.02; construction of masonary lined drain at Samaru Village in Mani Local Government Area awarded at the cost of N7,871,452.19. Similarly, the Government has awarded contracts for the construction of re-enforced concrete/block lined drain with cover slab at Filin Samji and Kofar Kaura/Kofar Kwaya i.e along Yahaya Madaki Way in an effort to control flood in Katsina metropolis at an Estimated Total Cost of N236,504,648.57. Others include Yaranchi ‘A’ which was awarded at the cost of N191,118,754.00, Yaranchi ‘B’ at the cost of N182,141,474.00, Dandagoro at the cost of N61,681,770.00, Kaita Road at the cost of N23,625,053.00, construction of rep enforced concrete line drain culverts and access slab along the road leading from Family Support School at cost of N175,377,927.38, and construction of 3 Cells box culverts at Kofar Durbi at the cost of N35,276,263.74 among so many others. The Ministry of Environment had so far received the sum of N2,419,158,456.00 as at 30th November, 2016 as Capital Allocation.

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