Sad: Boko Haram killed ‘senior Alolo’ -a brave soldier from Safana, Katsina (PHOTOS)

Senior military officer from  Safana local government, in  Katsina State was killled yesterday while fighting the terrorist Group [boko haram] in Maiduguri, Northern East part of Nigeria.


Senior Alolo, who join the Nigerian military force some years left one wife and a three years old daughter.


It could be recalled that the Nigerian Army has promoted another son of Katsina -Formally known as Col. Sani Kuka sheka Usman to the enviable rank of Brigadier-General of the Nigeria Army.


Brigadier general Sani Usman Kuka Sheka hails from KukaSheka community in Kankakara local government of Katsina State.

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