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Home Opinion OPINION: #N-power and the fuss it generated – By Dikko Muhammad  
OPINION: #N-power and the fuss it generated – By Dikko Muhammad  

OPINION: #N-power and the fuss it generated – By Dikko Muhammad  


The list released by the Presidency on the #Npower programme, like anything in Nigeria, created a space for ethno-religious cold war. So many people in the North complained of their lists stuffed with others from the South. In Katsina State for instance, about 150 were identified as non-Hausas, non “indigenes” etc. In Borno state, the situation is worse. Similar situation is found in Kano, Jigawa, Sokoto, etc. However, I believe that these complainants are just making a storm out of cup of tea.

In the first place, the candidates who applied for the #Npower programme were asked to provide a STATE OF RESIDENCE, not only of ORIGIN. Thus, the list was released in accordance with where one resides. I think that’s a good idea. How do you expect someone to be uprooted from where he/she lives over a job of N30,000 a month, two year span. Some went to a point of blaming the Vice President, a very good man in my understanding, of stuffing others on their list to deprive their people of this “generous” intervention. So, the people you see in the list actually reside in your states.

You shouldn’t ask why there aren’t northerners on the lists of southern states. Most of graduates in the North usually stay in the North waiting for government job. The  South is filled up, forcing the southerners to find a pasture in the north. They provide teaching services to over 60% of private schools in the North. To be frank, you hardly find a jobless graduate from the North living in the South. Most of the northerners you see there are beggars, aboki-shine-my-shoe, bricklayers etc.

Another thing is that, there are more graduates in southern part of the country than there are from the North. (Yes, despite the population in the North) Take a quick visit to the NYSC Camp in your state today and you will find that the southerners outnumbered the northerners. Thus, the South would have more of unemployed than the North. I don’t have to ask you to compare the NUMBER of Universities in the South and the North both public and private.

Again, in terms of productivity, if I am a principal of a school I would request for the non-Hausas to be posted in my school. They would likely be more punctual, prompt and dedicated than the Hausas. They would also plan of what to do with their money in the expiration of the programme. Most of the Hausas would see the initiative as a “gift” from Baba Buhari for voting him. They would be going to their places of assignments late, and there is nothing you can do to address that. Those from influential families might not even be reporting for duties yet they would be paid and there is nothing you can do stop it. They would also spend the money recklessly on indomie joints, recharge cards for girlfriends, and latest androids.

Instead of complaining of being marginalised in the programme, let’s see how we can ensure its optimum productivity through effective and collective monitoring.

I know this post hurts, but it is true about you, about me and “our” people.

Let’s reflect from the inside.

Dikko Muhammad Wurma.


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