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Home Latest RELATIONSHIP: 10 things men hate about Nigerian women
RELATIONSHIP: 10 things men hate about Nigerian women

RELATIONSHIP: 10 things men hate about Nigerian women


Many women thoroughly look into men’s preferences in order to look stunning. There is plenty of articles about this in the Internet. But what about “anti-preferences”?


Knowing things that attracts men is not enough. It is also important to know what repulses them. Of course, things are not that dramatic, but let’s find out what are the 10 details of woman’s image that men find unattractive.

1. Extreme hairstyles

No doubt, a man would appreciate your vibrant personality that wants to stand out from the crowd, but that doesn’t mean asking you out immediately. Most men like long, naturally looking hair. Surely, there are those who would also appreciate stylish short haircuts, but should be the limit of your experiments. Dreadlocks and afro braiding are not that popular with men.

2. Too much makeup

Everybody knows that makeup is for consealing facial imprefections. Men don’t mind it, but when they see a girl with three layers of face powder, it’s a different kettle of fish. Woman loses her natural charm, and it repugns men.

3. Spidery eyelashes

It’s also the exess of makeup, but this time it’s the exess of mascara. Most men don’t like women wearing too much mascara. It makes eyelashes look unnatural and cheap.

4. Too much glitter

Use matte eyeshadows, unless you are a professional makeup artist. Unlike frosted eyeshadows, they will give you a more elegant look. When applied unprofessionally, frosty eyeshadows tend to lump in the eye corner, that make you look totally unattractive.

5. Yellow teeth and bad breath

It concerns both men and women. To fight it, avoid cigarettes, coffee and red wine. Brush your teeth and use dental floss more often. Using breath fresheners is also a good idea.

6. Lack of hygiene

It’s the most important thing. Every man likes a fresh-smelling woman with manicured nails, soft feet and in clean clothes. Looka after yourself! What could be easier?

7. Dry or oily skin

Unfortunately for women, men notice it too. Not everyone, but the majority of them will pay attention to dry heels and oily skin on the face. Don’t ignore them.

8. Preening yourself in public

Some men find it unattractive. They see it as some kind of bad flirt, not a desire to look better. If you want to turn heads, dress your hair and put on makeup at home. Only then, go out and give disarming looks and smiles.

9. Dark lipstick

Lipstick is a very effective woman’s arm. It may give the right accent to the look, as well as ruin it completely. To avoid it, use lip pencil of the same shade as lipstick, or a tiny bit darker. Secondly, once you use the dark lipstick, make sure that it didn’t taint your teeth.

10. Excess of perfume

Sorry to say, no one would like to smell loads of your perfume. Cheap or expensive, perfume should be used in moderation and worn on the neck, wrists and behind the ears. Don’t shower yourself with it!

As you can see, these simple and obvious taboos should be well-remembered. A woman shoud try to look perfect to herself, not to anyone else. If she feels tthat she is tidy, stylish and beautiful, men will feel the same.


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