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Home Opinion OPINION: Lt. Col. Abu Ali burial: Mr. President, you should have go yourself -By Comr. Bala yola
OPINION: Lt. Col. Abu Ali burial: Mr. President, you should have go yourself -By Comr. Bala yola

OPINION: Lt. Col. Abu Ali burial: Mr. President, you should have go yourself -By Comr. Bala yola


Mr. President Sir, I don’t think your Decision of sending Delegations to the burial Of a brave hero is on the right spot. this gentle man who died fighting for your peace of mind in a cold Blood, Lt Col. Muhammad Abu Ali’s death touches the heart of every progressive minded citizen who wants the nation to be in peace and free from any terrorism, Lt col. Muhammad Abu Ali was a in a field for a very long time he fought this terrorist and rescue many people’s life, the country celebrate a victory which includes rapid promotion of the young commanding officer tank battalion 119 from the rank of major to lieutenant colonel. This same man contend in a physical fight with this people that many of us cannot even identify on the street and this same man have families also as we all did.

Sir, if you will have time to attend local community anniversary with your full entourage then you have no reason to deprive yourself from going to the burial of this same hero. ALLAHU AKBAR Nigerians help me think about this he left three children with his wife who was waiting to hear anything strange as her husband moves to the dangerous field but at last he was killed by the same people who make Nigerians to be desperate of changing administration. Sir you’re there in your fully air conditioned office surrounded with luxury appliances,sensitive proxy materials and numerous body guards for you alone while Lt. col. Abu Ali was in a ‘mallam tabori’ where his body was taken from almost 14hours away from maiduguri surviving with food of not favorable class all this sacrifice for the peace of our dear nation and all could federal government said is ‘I have told the chief of staff Abba Kyari to lead the delegation to the funeral of late Lt. Col. Abu Ali’ I doubt if this statement will encourage any serving uniform personal to sacrifice his life for the oath he has taken not even as a commander staying at the forefront given your men covering fire, What a tireless Hero.

At last we urge federal government to make out something important on his name and the other Men for their memory so as their families to feel much important for the sacrifices they have made not because they don’t love them at all and the government should take good care of their families. Their struggle and sacrifices most not be in vein.

May their Gentle soul rest in perfect peace Ameen thumma Ameen.

Comr. Bala yola



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