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Home Opinion Opinion: The deafening silence of the Karaduwa politics- Thursday Column by Dikko Muhammad
Opinion: The deafening silence of the Karaduwa politics- Thursday Column by Dikko Muhammad

Opinion: The deafening silence of the Karaduwa politics- Thursday Column by Dikko Muhammad


Since 1999, some people at the southern part of Katsina State, notably Malumfashi, Funtua, Kankara, Sabuwa, Dandume, Faskari etc also known as Karaduwa have been pointing accusing fingers to the central part of Katsina State. To them, the southern part of the state has not been justly and ably represented politically. As result, the region suffers infrastructural decay and is not given its equal share in the civil service, and in the admission process across the institutions of higher learning all within the state etc. 

Thus, these people sought to exert some relevance in the state’s polity. They wanted to put in a governor from the  Karaduwa region who could put them first before all else. That effort produced several deputies to the important office from 1999 to 2015. Even with the deputies, the quest for a karaduwa governor continued and in 2015, finally, finally, Katsina came to have the first governor from the southern part. Thus, the mission was fulfilled and some people in Katsina central, with same unjustifiable fears like their karaduwa counterparts, expected the “karaduwalisation” of the state.

However, with over a year in office, the Masari administration sees Katsina State, not any region, as its whole concern; the rehabilitation of hospitals is being done across the state in all the regions, the administrative centre, Muhammadu Buhari house, is still in Katsina, the administration does not alter the status quo up to the moment of writing this piece; even in appointments, I am yet to hear anything about lopsidedness in favour of Karaduwa. And most importantly, the urge for the creation of a karaduwa state is fading day by day. Aminu Bello Masari once led a delegation to the Senate requesting for the creation of Karaduwa State. But today, he knows full well that he governs Katsina state and not just a particular region of it.

The remarkable lesson we could all learn, and perhaps, which the world should learn is plainly simple. That the best way to treat people who feel that they are at the disadvantaged is to give them the biggest pot and asked them to take care of it. The determination to break away from Katsina state is suddenly nowhere and not in anyone agitating for it before. Perhaps, an Igbo President could assuage the thirst for Biafra. I never, even for a moment, thought that anyone from Karaduwa serving as a  governor in Katsina is going to create another state out of Katsina. Thus, I don’t think of any Igbo President could help the break away of the country he is presiding over. President Jonathan had a National Conference to discuss the country’s future. But the unity of the country was made absolutely non-negotiable. The members at the conference were told without any iota of doubt that the country’s unity was a no-go-area.

Applying this to rest of the world,  Israel would enjoy a lasting peace if it allows some useful powers to the people of Palestine. Every bomb dropped on the Palestinians by Israel is making them tougher, bitter, unrelenting, more determined, more focused and enduring. Myanmar too would be humane and just if it recognises the rights of its Muslim population.

My lecturer in Educational Administration taught me that the best way to contain people who think you are not doing well is to give them the task and encourage them to do it better.


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