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Home Politics Sarcasm: 31 reasons why Nigerians will not vote for Buhari again after 2023
Sarcasm: 31 reasons why Nigerians will not vote for Buhari again after 2023

Sarcasm: 31 reasons why Nigerians will not vote for Buhari again after 2023



1. He refused to operate an unconstitutional office of the First Lady

2. He refused to allow military sharing

3. He refused to allow Biafra go

4. He refused to allow Shi’ites Muslims have peace

5. He refused to allow judges continue with cash for justice

6. He Refuse to empower militants with contracts

7. Refused to sign and allow padded budget

8 .He Refused to allow subsidy to thrive

9. He refused continued payment of 40,000 ghost workers

10. He refused to abandon projects inherited

11. He refused to allow continuous stay of Chibok girls in dungeon

12. He refused to sponsor own party with public funds

13. He enacted no TSA no transactions

14. He enacted no BVN no salaries

15. He refused to shield Corruption in NASS

16. He refused to adopt sharing and looting in governance

17 . He refused to belong to nobody but belongs to everybody

18. He refuse to allow his wife talk any how and he refuse to allow the IMF to influence our economy and he refuse to allow the cabal operate

19. He refuses to allow the immediate pass government to go without probing

20. He refuses to allow his ministers  travelling abroad unnecessarily

21. He refused to interfere in the crisis of national Assembly.

22. He refused to be politically bought over.

23. He refused to floor Nigeria with foreign parboiled rice.

24. He is not president choppingson.

25. He does not belong to flamboyant political cabals.

26. He said probe my daughters if found wanting.

27. He is insisting on diversification of the economy.

28. He is too transparent and adheres to fiscal discipline

29. He is restoring Nigeria to it’s original position in global power plays.

30. He is discovering oil and other commercial potent minerals in the northern Nigeria

31. He refused to release: Nnamdi Kanu, Zakzaky, Dasuki, Alex Badeh, Shehu Shema……….

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