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Home Opinion From our readers: Complain against construction of Speed Bumps on Zaria-Sokoto Road Funtua By Arc. Shamsudeen A. Funtua
From our readers: Complain against construction of Speed Bumps on Zaria-Sokoto Road Funtua By Arc. Shamsudeen A. Funtua

From our readers: Complain against construction of Speed Bumps on Zaria-Sokoto Road Funtua By Arc. Shamsudeen A. Funtua



It is very disheartening to note with total dismay, the construction of some sorts of non-standard and very local speed bumps on Zaria-Sokoto road in Funtua Local Government Area of Katsina State.

The Zaria-Sokoto road is one of the major commercial roads in the Northern Region, Katsina and Funtua LGA respectively, being that the state and LGA links several other states and LGAs. The said speed bumps are extremely life threatening, and constitute several limitations to the innocent road users, goods and vehicles. Furthermore, it mitigates all the numerous transportation activities on the major commercial road of Funtua, thereby causing to the lives of millions of people, goods and vehicles plying the road, untold hardships, dangers and otherwise in that series.

Ever since the commencement of the construction works of speed bumps on that Zaria-Sokoto road by yet to be ascertained authorities, movement on the road has remained very difficult. Though it can neither be ascertained at the moment, who permitted and or approved such limitless road-degrading construction, nor on whose authority the road bumps project was instituted or commenced.

It is widely said that some group(s) of persons and or individuals alike, may have instituted the construction of the said pain-excruciating speed bumps on either their own and against other people’s interest at heart. And if so, this development remains an unacceptable practice anywhere in the world, be it in any developed and or developing area to mention albeit.

Moreso, such destructive death traps, and hungry speed bumps on the Zaria-Sokoto road of Funtua, if allowed and/or encouraged to thrive in localities like ours, will lead to several mishaps in severity causes, neither worthy of mention nor of our record purposes. Categorically, it is widely known fact that irregular speed bumps create more traffics on all ever busy roads, such as Funtua’s Zaria-Sokoto road than ever! These ill-rate practices of heaving unwanted road bumps on our high ways in quantum, sporadically skyrockets the cost of maintaining vehicles that ply such roads.

There would be dearth of the roads, should unwanted and poorly constructed bumps be allowed to flourish on any road at all, as they adversely damage the road itself, people’s goods and moving vehicles. And also, speed bumps reduce prompt or timely delivery of goods and services by drivers, commuters and other worthy road-users.

Even in the circumstances of medical emergency, the negative aspect of speed bumps outweigh the positive outcomes that people think they are getting from them. Time is critical, the faster you get the wheels turning on an ambulance, the chances of saving that patient increases.

To this end, deaths of persons on these roads may not prevail, only if these prematurely sub-standard put-up speed bumps on our roads are removed in time. They can no longer be accommodated on the road, talk more of having such bumps in enormous occurrence on any road running across the major zaria-sokoto road.

Yes indeed, we, Funtuans, as part of Katsina State, the nation’s home of hospitality, will continue to propagate quality and good issues of human and public importance; while addressing the salient and poor instances in our society or locality, especially this very one, the construction of non-standard and local speed bumps on Zaria-Sokoto road, Funtua LGA of Katsina State which poses great threats to our hospitable characteristics as individuals and collective society.

Arc. Shamsudeen A. Funtua



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