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Home Opinion Opinion: On The Disguised Armed-rubbers In Katsina City – By Ibrahim Haruna MaiJama’a
Opinion: On The Disguised Armed-rubbers In Katsina City – By Ibrahim Haruna MaiJama’a

Opinion: On The Disguised Armed-rubbers In Katsina City – By Ibrahim Haruna MaiJama’a



First, a little history. Hoodlums, (popularly known as Kauraye in native Hausa language) were known to be warriors of their own community. They were categorized into two groups; Kura group and Yada-kwari group respectively. The two groups has their own identity, and so they can easily be identify wherever necessary. Hunting was known as their main activity, where they display their talents, skills as well as energetic activities. Most of times, the two groups compete with one another during the exercise. Beside hunting, they were known to participate in Sallah celebration to display their talents and so to entertain people. In some incident, hoodlums organized gathering during the wedding or naming ceremony of their members for their wonderful shows as well. Contemporary experience has shown that, in some decades back they were seen as a vanguard during any violence (especially local war). So they respect people and also earned respect from their community. You would hardly find them fighting themselves in town for any reasons. So also people are safe from their acts. So to say, they were not seen as a thread to the lives and properties of the people around them.

But now the story was completely different. Some unscrupulous elements in Katsina are disgusting themselves as Kauraye and rub people all sorts of belongings; be it motorcycle, money, phones set and many more you can count. And the worst part of the story is: they rubbed and killed mercilessly yet, we just fold our hands. Almost everyday, there will come to be areport of rubbing, starving, killing or both by some lay-about and none did something about it.

Yesterday in Katsina, we witnessed a brutal killing of one gentle young man at Unwala Quarters Katsina. The victim in person of Abdullahi Muhammad Madugu, was brutally and viciously starved at neck to death by some armed-rubbers (if I say) who disguised themselves as Kauraye. The mob rubbed the gentleman and his friend around 8:30pm, where they collected their phones and starved his friend at the back while they were trying to enter their House. The other victim run and escaped but seriously wounded at the back, but unfortunately, Abdullahi was instantly dead at the spot (May he rest in perfect peace, Amin).

The act was inhuman, I can’t imaging how a normal

human being will feel to kill someone in cold-blood just to rub him phone set. This is absurd!

I believed will total justifications that, our security

personal are very good in identifying as well as nabbing criminals and yet very poor in bringing them to book. That is why the rampant killing of innocent, diligent, and good people of our community is so widespread; that Katsina State is now trying to become an abattoir where our finest men are executed by armed-rubbers who disguised themselves as Kauraye (so that when they get caught, they will not be treated as armed-rubbers), while their acts prove them otherwise.

As we all know, here in Katsina State, we are having a conspiracy of being silent by the elites. So I am calling with a laudable and unshakable voice to the people of Katsina State to condemn these cabal and their activities by speaking out against it until these people and alike are brought to book.

Finally, I am urging people to open their eyes as well, beware of these people because your life meant nothing to them, they can kill and kill again and again just to get a vulgar phone set that is not worth N5000. If you do not want to end like the aforesaid young man, follow your instinct and find your way whenever necessary. Reasonably of course!

May the gentle soul of Abdullahi rest in perfect peace. Amin. And may his friend get a quick recovery. Amin. Lets pray again, may Allah give the security personal wisdom of bringing those behind this act to book and may He grant them courage of executing them as well. Blood for blood!

God help the oppressed!

God bless Katsina State!

Comrade Ibrahim Haruna MaiJamaa


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