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Home Entrepreneurship LETS FARM: Starting Home Gardening- With Ibrahim Abubakar
LETS FARM: Starting Home Gardening- With Ibrahim Abubakar

LETS FARM: Starting Home Gardening- With Ibrahim Abubakar



Home Garden
It’s quite interesting, nowadays people trying to get involved in Agricultural value chain, especially now that the economy is no longer favouring even the elites. Just like any other business, the first thing that comes to an entrepreneur’s mind is what to produce and whom to produce for… and so on. In this regard we are looking at agriculture as a passion or simply a hobby. Hence, our topic in this moment will duel on home gardening. A home garden is a space provided usually at the back yard or around the home where plants of interest ranging from tree crops, ornamentals, medicinal plants etc. are grown for pleasure, domestic consumption, gifting or beautification (aesthetics). Home garden pose less or no problem to the eco system especially now that checking global warming should become a concern for every mindful human that lives on the planet earth, thus, it is an environmentally friendly hobby. Technically, plants in our environment tend to replenish the air we do inhale, giving us a natural breathe for our healthy leaving. Just with other agricultural production, home gardening is a quite delicate area especially in terms of its need for effective management. The major concern might lies in the quest for what to plant and how to plant it and why. Crops differ extensively in some ways, in that, some grow as shrubs, some as trees or trailing on ground, thus, there is need for one to be specific on what to grow as the main plants and the purpose… for example, a person who wish to grow apples, might have the apple trees as the main and predominant to save enough space for the apple trees to thrive well…same thing applies to guava, grapes or ornamentals. However, for a home that has considerably large space, these can either be evenly distributed or each crop has its peculiar space. Some factors to consider when siting a garden should include but not limited to; clean water availability, well pulverised fertile soil, nurseries, permanent site, simple tools or equipment, clean and healthy planting materials, knowledge of vegetative propagation is also essential etc. on this plat form, we are going to take you into the series of some selected garden crops and their production guide for the benefit of humanity. Before we start it is important for one to understand our aim is not to help our clients learn how to make their house beautiful alone but rather as a way of diversifying their interest in utilising the least available resources they might be haven.
In this series, I have chosen strawberries, grape vines (table grape) and possibly apples to start with because I am personally in love with them; I so much like them that I would wish one day they would be affordable and available for everyone to consume or grown in one’s yard.

By Ibrahim Abubakar
For Katsina Post



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