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Home Opinion Sunday Column with Bashir Gafia: SURE-P FUNDS: SHEMA, MASARI AND NASIR
Sunday Column with Bashir Gafia: SURE-P FUNDS: SHEMA, MASARI AND NASIR

Sunday Column with Bashir Gafia: SURE-P FUNDS: SHEMA, MASARI AND NASIR


Going by the crisis in the mismanagement of SURE-P funds by previous government of governor Shema, it is indeed a good thing for democracy and Katsina state populace “ALL ARE RIGHT AND ALL ARE WRONG”


1. SHEMA, the lawyer is right in his decision to dare the state government to sue him to court for the allegation of mismanagement or missing funds, since constitutionally it is only court that can convict you over any suspicion and has mandate to give punishment deserved by a person who has committed an offense. And he is right to refuse to appear before the panel of enquiry aledging that, the committee will not be fair to him because he didn’t trust the committee set up by Masari. On the other hand Shema is wrong, how did he know that the committee will not be just to him, did he appeared before them and they insisted that he has committed the offense? Let him appear and explain how the resources are managed. When anything is said against his statements, then he has all right to tell the public they are wrong and they proceed to court with evidence. The truth will always manifest.

2. NASIR is right in his appearance before the panel to explain all that happened during his own time and his role in the mismanagement of the resources and the missing SURE-P funds that is good enough to alleviate poverty in Katsina and to a reasonable number of the youths. But on the other hand the young man shows immaturity and senseless ideas to the public. If Shema asked Nasir to withdraw money and delivered to him with no memo, was Nasir unaware of the implications of doing that? Secondly Nasir explained that the then Perm.Sec government house gave him a signal of implications that may come around. Why didn’t he ask Shema  for the memo when withdrawing another cash?

If Nasir asked Shema for a memo  and Shema failed to write it, why didn’t Nasir honourably resign while he was also enjoying the sweet cake. From all indications Nasir is either a betrayal to his former Boss or a mole to the previous administration.

If Nasir can attend the panel of enquiry and give such information about his former Boss and he even said someone within the circle gave the signals since then, and he never resigned, it means Nasir can nolonger be trusted. Better said his information might not be true.

3. MASARI in his own effort to retrieve back Katsina resources that are being mismanaged or miss used is not for his own good, it’s for the entire state and democracy itself. Iam very much sure his Excellency knows that he is leaving the seat  no matter how long he stays in power, because he mentioned it on several occasions that nothing is permanent in life.  He knows that the same treatment to be given to Shema is the same he can be given when he leaves his position. I believe his Excellency will be careful in managing our resources so that so  not given the same allegations as Shema.

In another way, the Masari government panel enquiry is supposed to stop all the noise making and take Shema to court. Or report him to ICPC or EFCC since they  have the documents that implicate him and his aid who oversee the activities of the same issue. Please the three of you should do what is expected, the right thing and stop the rumor mongering (grave Vine). You leave us with speculations.

Shema barawo ne…

Qarya ne ai yace su tafi kotu in gaskia ne….

Ai Shema wayo gareshi harma ya tafi kotu….

Masari so yake ya batawa Shema suna….

Nasir maciyi amana ne…

Kawoshi akayi yayi ma Shema sharri anbashi visa ya gudu…

Su duka duk maciya amana ne…

Wallahi saiya maido kudin nan…

Ai idan PDP ta dawo mulki suma sai sun rama…

Wannan gwamnatin so take ta 6atawa Shema da PDP suna…

Please clear us from your all this, do the right thing at the right time because majority of people are seing it as just a blame game of politics that characterized the present administration in their inability to deliver campaign promises!!!


Katsina post Sunday column With Comrade Bashir Gafia.



  1. comrade Gafia
    You speak our minds, they should let the law take it course because we are fed up with all these unnecessary Hullabaloo going around.

  2. Well you made good presentation, on such statements, but we are waiting for the time to come so that, the end will justify the means and any body find guilty he must carry Jupiter on his head.


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