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Home Opinion Sunday Column with Bashir Gafia: Katsina state and the health impact of climate change to living organisms
Sunday Column with Bashir Gafia: Katsina state and the health impact of climate change to living organisms

Sunday Column with Bashir Gafia: Katsina state and the health impact of climate change to living organisms


It has been demonstrated that the earth is warming and climate parameters are changing. If care is not taken katsina state wil experience climate change in near future that is drier,  hotter and has more extreme weather events than it had in the past. 

The trend in climate change will impact human populations through their effects on physical and biological components of the environment. Global efforts are being made to mitigate climate change and reduce green house gas emissions.

There is need for two things now to address the issue of climate change.

1. Identification of the potential health impact that could arise given a particular set of climatic situation in the near future,  considering of our current coping capacity and identification of health related vulnerabilities of people, regions, infrastructure and the economy to specific climate and environmental events.

2. Secondly there is need to entails a risk assessment of the health impact on communities including specific reference to vulnerability, and the development of adaptation and required supporting research.

The evidence is growing that the earth is warming and that future global climate and environmental circumstances may be significantly different if appropriate mitigation and abatement programmes are not implemented. A consequence of global warming is that changes to physical and biological systems will have impacts on human populations and that the people and communities will have to adapt to these potential changes to avoid adverse consequences.

Some of the health related illness that may occur due to climate change.

1. Changes in temperature

a. Increase in heat stress,  dehydration. Decrease in cold related illness.

b. Changes in incidence of mosquito born disease.

c. Possible income reduction for farmers. (Starvation)

d. Impact on a range of health issues issues related to diet.

e. Increase in mental health issues for farmers.

2. Water borne diseases

a. Gastrointestinal diseases

b. diarrhea and vomiting.

Heavy rain fall risk of contamination by diseases pathogens such as cryptosporidium.

3 . Air quality.

a. Respiratory effect.

b. Asthma.

c. Allergic reactions.

4. Biodiversity.

a. Very difficult to determine.

b. Likely impact on ecological goods and services.

Wide range of potential impact on biodiversity,  particularly drought and bushfire.


1. Formations of voluntary youth organization on afforestation.

2. Enhancements of state environmental protection agencies with additional environmental education department.

3. Support for Environmental researches

4. Government to mandate all companies to give their social responsibilities in tackling all environmental degradation.

5. Individuals, groups, educational institutions and community leaders to participate fully in tackling all forms of environmental degradations.

Katsina post Sunday column

With Comrade.  Bashir Gafia.


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