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Home Opinion OPINION: Katsina people be careful -By Idris Muhammed Ruma
OPINION: Katsina people be careful -By Idris Muhammed Ruma

OPINION: Katsina people be careful -By Idris Muhammed Ruma


We as human beings we believe in change but what type of change?negative or positive change?I think the answer that will be given by so many people surely go for positive change;a change where the people within that society will appreciate their leaders and have mutual understanding with each other and a change where the leaders respect the rule of law and lead with sincerity because as we all know equal rights and justice invite peace in a society.     

The katsina state government under the MASARI LEADERSHIP is experiencing a serious criticism by the people of katsina state in such away that the blinds have to follow and support those with negative ideas despite not knowing what change is all about?even some of the “apc followers”and the masari cabinets never recognize what change is all about?It is on record that logicians argue that one cannot pass a judgement on something unless one has a clear conception of it,because the unknown and the undefined cannot be judged.

Therefore ,we first have to determine what “change”means before we can keep on condemning or applauding the Masari administration in katsina state.Change means:

1. A society that can be proud of themselves anytime and anywhere:where corruption is tackled,where leaders are disciplined and lead with vision and clarity;where the stories that emerge to the society from us are full of hope and progress.

2. A society in which neither yourselves nor your parents, families or friends will have to fear for your safety or for theirs.

3. A change that the masari lead administration will provides jobs for its young people,reducing unemployment to the lowest of single digits and providing safety nets so that no one is left behind,a change where the people of katsina state get the basics that any society should provide: respect for the environment and sustainable development,education that is competitive and outcome-oriented in a knowledge economy.most of all these are the things that make the essence and outcome of leaders like Rt.Hon.

Aminu bello masari and the APC LEAD GOVERNMENT to be voted in, in order for them to fulfilled their promises to people of katsina state yes or no?if many will agree with me they will say yes!my greatest argument here is that many have contributed in the past to katsina government by destroying the entire people of katsina through so many ways like stealing the public funds, destroying the educational sectors by providing unrealistic schools materials those in the sector understand what I mean,our health sectors have become so weak were the quacks and baba lawos have taken the journey of becoming consultants, where innocent citizens are dying every blessed day in the hands of unqualified medical practitioners,while some are still with the present Masari administration trying to break down the oaths of taken by our amiable leader Rt.Hon. AMINU BELLO MASARI that believe in respecting the rule of law, people who never believe in seeing the positive progress of katsina state only believe in seeing the progress of their children and pockets.Really it is true in one of the saying of Ibn Mas’ud who said”Ruin is caused by two traits-pride and despair.Happiness cannot be attained without effor and struggle.

A vain person does not make any effort because he believes that he is perfect;a despairing person does not make any effort because he believes it is useless”My called here to the great people of katsina is for we to join hands together and move our state forward cause “nation and state building can only be achieved through individual sacrifices”.and the masari government should critically observe those that are not ready to add any meaningful contribution to the katsina state in general to kindly send them away from him and replace them with the focused leaders.God bless katsina state and federal republic of Nigeria.

Muhammad idris ruma.


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