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Home Opinion Masari; The Unscrupulous Governor -By Nura Isah
Masari; The Unscrupulous Governor -By Nura Isah

Masari; The Unscrupulous Governor -By Nura Isah



Honor they said is given to whom it is due, he who wears the mask of honor would not wear that of disgrace. Not to confuse you, I am referring to our cutthroat, Machiavellian governor that came in to power without developmental framework, but laggardly ebb the state.

Since its creation in 1987, Katsina has been blessed with patriotic leaders that make it compete amongst its peers in terms of capital projects, job creations, security brainy, health services, educational developments and many more. Unfortunately, Masari came to the helm of the state as a result of ‘guguwar’ Buhari in 2015. Ever since he assumed office, he has been troubling the good people of the state in many ways such as the lied 11 billion bailout, the teacher’s salary crisis, pension issues, health sector crisis (Nurses’ salary reduction), educational crisis (waec/neco funds), N309 million daura motel renovation, N2b spent for security purposes under the office of SSG, the misappropriation of N300 million under the watch of Mustapha Inuwa (SSG) and Abdulkadir zakka (CLA) and many more misappropriation of state’s funds.


Of course, these issues emanate as a result of arrant appointments Masari made in his administration. If we could recall vividly, Mustapha Inuwa fell apart with the late Yar’adua when he was a governor of Katsina state as a result of imprudent utilization of state’s funds. The so called Abdulkadir zakka is a notorious PDP stalwart and crooked politician who has thoughtful accusation that trailed him when he was the local government Chairman in Safana. His appointment as commissioner for local government and chieftaincy affairs was seen as a handwork of Dahiru Mangal who has undeniable stimulus in Masari’s Administration.

Government at any levels is seen as an anchoring growth on people, strengthening macroeconomic resilience for sustained growth, enhancing inclusiveness towards an equitable society, improving wellbeing for all, accelerating human capital development, pursuing green growth for sustainability and resilience, strengthening infrastructure to support economic expansion, re-engineering economic growth for greater prosperity and transforming public service for productivity.

But unfortunately, under these spendthrifts, there is nothing to show as dividends of democracy for the past 14 months, but yet they are busy insulting oppositions and telling the masses “DUK WANDA YACE MASU KULLE ZASU CE MASHI CHAS”. Masses did not vote you to attack the opposition but rather voted you to bring about change for a better life of a common citizen.

My fellow citizens, APC government in Katsina State has so far failed us, our state’s commissioners are competing in stealing public funds to enrich themselves, their wives are vies in stealing our money in the name of NGOs and also spending their holidays abroad, their relatives are busy buying mansions and big farms in and outside the state, but yet they are saying our state’s economy is in recession.

This is a failed government, a government that cannot bring further development to the people by enriching their lives, providing people dignity, and uplifting their potentials to partake in the prosperity that is generated. All segments of society must benefit from the state’s economic prosperity in order to have inclusive government and create an advanced economy in the state.


Nuhu Isah




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