On 11th of this month, I came to understand a very regrettable action between Gov. Masari and one poor boy named after Dankado, in which the Katsina State Govt detained this very poor Dankado with allegation of organizing people to stone Masari on sallah day at the eid ground.

Im glad to reiterate here that a leader can only be stoned by his people only due to his inability to tackle the problems of the people, in this course, Masari detained a poor young chap just for his criticism of the poor administration in the state, what about the freedom of speech, which law used to deny freedom of expressions, why everybody in the state is quite? With this, I will like to clap a big shame on the government and the people of Katsina state for allowing such an imunity and injustice from Katsina state govt.

Democracy is all about freedom, freedom from any of injustice and denial of constitutional rights, weather you are a leader or follower, nothing and no law guarantees you in oppressing the masses, to said it here again, Masari is not the only governor stoned on sallah days, Ganduje too experienced same treatment, is Abdulkadir Muhammad Z (Dankado) too in Kamo State.

In the court today, after spending more than a week in prison, the day he was taken to prison, the judge is absent, then comes to the next day in which the presiding judge claimed to have no jurisdiction for the hearing, I beg Masari to quickly allow the capable judge and court for hearing of such an oppression in Katsina.

Finally, Masari will surely be stoned for the next three years even if Dankado will be detained for life, and Sir, allow democratic dispensation please, allow strugglers on social media, allow people to say out their minds about your administration, worldwide, Facebook and other social media forms are acceptable means of expressions, democracy too must receive criticisms equally from facebookers either at the local, state or federal level, nothing will stop it, I must urge and call the attentions of human right activists and other stakeholders in the state.

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