With respect to all our teeming members including the employed, unemployed,under-employed,casual workers,drug addicts,political hooligans and other category of neglected and relegated youth in Katsina state who are hoodwinked,deceived and abandoned by politicians. We share the pain and trauma you are undergoing. We know how one feels under a hopeless situation with a bleak future.Nevertheless, we urge you to remain calm,composed and law-abiding. Don’t ever be provoked into hooliganism,drug etc.please shun all social vices. And indeed, pray hard for our country,our dear President and Katsina state. Our president Muhammadu Buhari is in dire need of prayer,so don’t relent in your prayer,in fact be a prayer worrior .

And despite the trauma and tribulation, don’t sell yourself too cheap. You ought to  persevere the tortuous and hazardous journey to the liberated land.

The purpose of this piece is to reflect on the journey so far about the NYCN Katsina state chapter,and where we are heading.

If you could recall,the NYCN was bastardized by successive administrations. It became a kangaroo youth platform within the ministry of youth and sports. Leadership were selected by either commissioner of youth with connivance with officials of Ministry of youth or discredited politicians. The umbrella became a toothless bulldog used to reward political thugs. It was populated by ageing people who parade themselves as youth leaders. At times, a 46 year old was selected and imposed as the leader. You remember 2012 saga? when government bulldozed everything and appointed its stooges-party stalwarts,who were not even eligible to serve in the youth council. So that was why the association was characterized by incompetence, ineptitude  and lackadaisical attitude on the part of its ageing leaders.

It was in view of  the ugly development, some vibrant youth stakeholders who were drawn from over five hundred VYOs met at Katsina Motel recently and deliberated on the state of NYCN in Katsina state. These Associations exclusively funded the summit. One of the outcome of that summit was the resuscitation of NYCN. Thus, the old illegally constituted NYCN was dissolved by the congress and a steering committee was formed with major term of reference-reviving the NYCN in Katsina state. This is what we have been doing since. In spite of lack of cooperation from the ministry of youth, in spite of lack of fund and other challenges.

We want to assure our teeming youth of Katsina state that NYCN Katsina state chapter under the leadership of Comrade Lukman Umar Kankia will not disappoint you. We are determined to safeguard the association from usurpers,protect from it interference from any quarters. We shall uphold the sanctity of NYCN as a neutral non partisan organization whereby all youth of Katsina state will be accommodated.

We are still calling on the SA of Youth and Sports and other officials of ministry of youth to collaborate with us so as to rebuild the NYCN in Katsina state. The mistakes and blunders of the past should not rear their ugly heads again under the change mantra.

Comrade Bishir Dauda Sabuwar Unguwa Katsina

Public Relations officer, NYCN Katsina state chapter.

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