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Home Opinion Opinion: Governor Masari 2019 is just ‘a tomorrow away’ -By Prof Ali Garba
Opinion: Governor Masari 2019 is just ‘a tomorrow away’ -By Prof Ali Garba

Opinion: Governor Masari 2019 is just ‘a tomorrow away’ -By Prof Ali Garba


The Government of Katsina State is still playing the same tired old blame game to explain its inability to deliver its campaign promise, which it tagged the Restoration Agenda. This blame game has so far produced many own goals against the government.


First, it was the PDP, that has stolen all the money. One committee after another were set up, which ended up affirming what everyone knows but which has so far recovered little. One is probably not wrong to say that these inquiries have earned the state PDP some sympathy.


Now, failing to pay salaries to some of its staff for months, it is blaming ‘some prominent persons’ for padding the payroll.  And this important discovery, which needed hard work, diligence and ‘change’ took one year to be made…! This action has led to loss of sympathy for the government from the civil servants, their family and friends and, no doubt, the market people.


Next on the line of blame would probably be the ordinary citizen.  He/she would be accused of impatience, illiteracy’ ‘being a disgruntled element’ (like me) or be called the usual ‘Mahassada’. As a countervailing response from the citizens, one hear rumors of stone throwing here, shouts of “Bamu yi”, there and “One Term” prayer close by.


Perhaps after these, the government would also invent other idols to blame. It might even find Allah worthy of such blame by claiming that it is He that brought it to power during difficult times. Government sympathizers are already preparing our minds for this through such statements as “komi sai Allah Yayi”.


Much of the ongoing blames are just to explain government’s inability to pay salary. We are not yet talking of the bigger issue of development and growth, poverty eradication, employment generation, wealth creation, and fighting the many social ills bedeviling the state. Even to obtain cooperation of key stakeholders seem to be a challenge to this government.


Whatever the government does next, we hope it soon exhausts the list of items, institutions and persons to blame and get down to the real business of implementing its Restoration Agenda. The government should produce results not excuses. That’s what and why it was voted into power.


But we acknowledge, to appease the naive, we are seeing some painting works here and additional classrooms there; rehabilitation of hospitals up there and some noise about fertilizer down there.  There is also the N2.0 billion CBN loan disbursed to ‘citizens’ and a couple of new ‘overnight’ Millionaires amongst us now.


Perhaps this is the change we voted for in Katsina State – excuses, painting, classrooms, overnight millionaires. May be, may be not. 2019 is just ‘a tomorrow’ away…!  At that time we would vote to affirm or Change the Change.


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