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Home Opinion Opinion: The Truth of The Matter -By Comrade Ibrahim Haruna MaiJama’a
Opinion: The Truth of The Matter -By Comrade Ibrahim Haruna MaiJama’a

Opinion: The Truth of The Matter -By Comrade Ibrahim Haruna MaiJama’a



Today, I will like to do at least one unexpected gesture as an act of Kindness to the people of Katsina state, comrades in struggle and the entire Muslim brothers to wish you a happy Ramadan, and also share with you my innermost feeling of governor Masari’s led-administration. Nonetheless, recent decades have witnessed an unprecedented expansion of democracy. During the third wave of democratization, as described by a British council study, democracy spread well beyond its historical boundaries and it is now adopted in all major regions of the world. Yet, not all democracies are equally effectual in delivering good governance and pro-growth policies. As we all witnessed, here in Katsina State, it seems that the socioeconomic variables of democratic system as propagated by scholars are folktale and a super-story, because we have none. I know many will say “it is too early to judge Masari’s administration”, of course, he still has more time. But, remember the saying: “When trouble is sensed well in advanced it can easily be remedied; if you wait for it to show itself any medicine it will be too late because the disease will have become incurable”. All the way, as a student of Civil Engineering, I believed that a good building always starts at a foundation level, so I had the opportunity to sense any problem at its early stage. Hence, I have no option but to challenge the system right here, right now!


With no doubt, governor Masari’s blameworthiness has made him to lose the trust of Katsina people. Let’s me just mention a few among many of the promises made by Governor Masari to Katsinawa, because one will find no time to go over such uncountable promises which the current Katsina State Government made during it campaign.To start with, human and social development. During their manifesto and campaign, they prioritized the aspect like no other, but did nothing about it when he came into office. I could recall his statement, “we promise to give pupils of each primary school in Katsina State a meal every day when we come into power”. But up till now we sees nothing like it. Employment generation, Masari made over a million promises to give Katsina state youth a conducive atmosphere for living via job creation, starting with converting Katsina state and local government casual workers into permanent and pensionable; the worst part of it, Masari gave nobody a piece of paper for employment instead, he sacked all Katsina state and local government casual workers with no reason. Tabdi! Payment of salary, it has become a history in Katsina State since last year to see a month of 29 days or 30 days like before, rather, it is either 40, 45 or even 60 days, marvelous! Because no civil servant in Katsina State is receiving his salary within the last week of the month, we do not why? Yet, some workers are still yearning for their last month salary and still counting, this is absurd! I always feel very eerie when I remember Masari became a Katsina state governor with the approval of his fellow Katsinawa willingly. According to Wikipedia, “Trust occurs when parties holding certain favorable perceptions of each other allow this relationship to reach the expected outcomes”. Deeply in my heart, I feel like Masari will betray our trust, God forbid!

One simple question occupying the mind of an ordinary citizen in the streets today is: Whom should I be wary of if not the government who wields great power with great temptations to abuse it? Perhaps, Masari can answer this question. The truth of the matter is that, Masari lack focus and cabinets. Being as veteran politician as Governor Masari, I think it is too early to start with capital projects from the start of the journey despite the state of hardship of Katsina State people and the state of insufficiency of fund as claimed by his Government. Everybody in Katsina State knows that, the people of Katsina State have suffered an injury of human development for almost a decade. But rather than treating the unhealed wound of Katsianwa, Masari and his cabinets were busy trying to save their ass by creating unnecessary capital projects that will earn their pocket. As a matter of urgency, Masari most come back to his real sense and think of what is right and adopt it.


Some days back, there was a demonstration on 24th June, 2016 #SSG MUST TO GO# by Katsina State youth about the alleged unscrupulous activities of the secretary to the State Government, l in person of Dr. Mustapha Inuwa. There were speculations about high-handed rule by Governor Masari and his aides almost everywhere and every day in the state. We are in the era of democracy, we are in a regime of change and we are the proponents of this change, so we urged His Excellency to touch the untouchable and should never join an aggressive alliance with someone more powerful than himself. As it were, all his cabinets are more concern for themselves rather than for him and the people of Katsina State. So he most safeguard himself, be cautious of them as if they were his declared enemies, because in times of adversity they will always help to ruin him, the matter speaks for itself.


Nevertheless, nothing brings a leader more prestige than great campaigns and striking demonstrations of his personal abilities. I support Masari to be optimistic in all his doing, he should be a man of his word at all times. Citizens of Katsina State expect high quality performance from this administration. When good governance is guaranteed, citizens go about their personal businesses and pursuits with enhanced expectations. On the other side of the spectrum, bad or indifferent governance not only restricts opportunities of success but it can even degenerate into sectarian conflicts. In such an atmosphere personal accomplishments as well as social achievements get severely restricted. Good governance helps create an environment in which sustained economic growth becomes achievable. Conditions of good governance allow citizens to maximize their returns in investment. Good governance does not occur by chance. It must be demanded by citizens and nourished explicitly and consciously by the government, we had done our part, by bringing them into office. It is therefore, necessary that the citizens are allowed to participate freely, openly and fully in the Pol process. So this ideology of high-handedness must be annulled in Katsina State. Good governance is accordingly associated with accountable political leadership, enlightened policy-making and a civil service imbued with a professional ethos.


The long and short of it, as everyone realizes how praiseworthy it is for a leader to honour his word and to be straightforward rather than crafty in his dealings; nonetheless, contemporary experience shows that leaders who have achieved great things have been those who have given up to their words, who knew how to trick people with their cunning, and who, in the end, have overcome those abiding by honest principles. In addition to the aforesaid, the choosing of aides is a matter of no little importance for a leader; and their worth depends on the sagacity of the leader himself. The first opinion that is formed of a leader’s intelligence is based on the quality of the people he has around him. If they are competent and loyal he can always be considered wise, because he has been able to recognize their competence and to keep them loyal. But if they are otherwise, the leader is always open to adverse criticism; because his first mistake has been in the choice of his cabinets, this is the state of Governor Masari’s administration.


God Bless Katsina state

God Bless Nigeria

Comrade Ibrahim Haruna MaiJama’a


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