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Home Opinion Relationship: 6 tips to get over your ‘Ex’ (and your breakup)
Relationship: 6 tips to get over your ‘Ex’ (and your breakup)

Relationship: 6 tips to get over your ‘Ex’ (and your breakup)



At times don’t you just wish that you had the shift-delete buttons for real so that you could erase certain events from your life for good? Sure we do but unfortunately, that’s not an option. Breakups are meant to be hard. However, they are not the end of the world. You need to rip off the bandage and let time take its course to heal the wound.


6. Time and space: There’s nothing in the world that time cannot revive; even a broken heart! The key is to allow yourself that time and room to reconcile.


5. True love happens only once: The stereotypical perception that there’s only one for you out there and in case you lose them you’re nothing but a damsel in distress is absolutely null and void. Your so called soul mate isn’t roaming around on the streets holding a hoarding of your name. It is high time to get out of ‘granny’s gray notion’.


4. Rebound: There are certain reasons to why people opt rebound to get over the pain of a break up. When two people split apart after an extent of togetherness, they leave behind a vacant space in each other’s life. The prime intention is to fill in that vacuum. However, the idea of restarting an ostensible love life with the very next person you get is simply ludicrous! Once you think it through you’ll realize that you’re not only cheating yourself but even the other person is getting exploited being the commodity of your desolation. A new relationship made on the basis of forgetting the past one has a life-span of a may fly.


3. Bottling up your emotions: Splitting up is as difficult as it is; on top of that the worst thing is bottling up your emotions. Feelings which are trapped for too long explode in the worst possible way. So let them out, cry your hurt out, and share your thoughts with your friends and family. Do not push yourself into feeling good. No matter who broke your heart you’re never going to get over it by hiding your grief.


2. Stop blaming thyself: We usually end up bearing the burden of a broken relationship alone, which is nothing but an augmentation of our miseries. Take a note,“it takes two to tango”.You do not bear the complete responsibility of a failed relationship. And it doesn’t make you a failure just because your relationship didn’t work out.“STOP COMMISERATING YOURSELF!”


1. Make your own rules: Every person is unique in their own way. Their point of view towards life, their way of handling sorrow and heart break is divergent. A self-help novel can be a useful side-kick but then again no one is a better judge for you than yourself. Hence,find your own way to de compress; do the things that make you happy and most of all do not lose hope. Life is not a fairytale. There’s no such concept as “together forever!”- You can be someone’s summer or their monsoon; the main thing is to letgo of the past, live in the present and not worry about the future.




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