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Home Opinion Tata writes to President Buhari again, says his policies are killing ‘the North’ (Read the Full letter below)
Tata writes to President Buhari again, says his policies are killing ‘the North’ (Read the Full letter below)

Tata writes to President Buhari again, says his policies are killing ‘the North’ (Read the Full letter below)



Mr. President This Policy is Killing Your People.

Sometimes I am at a loss as to why I take it upon myself to bring to your attention issues that may at best infuriate you, something that is by whatever measure dangerous in these days, even though I have nothing to gain by doing that! My reasons all put together are one! I want you to SUCCEED!

Mr President part of the reasons why I was never in CPC when I had no shelter in PDP was because I was much more at home standing on my feet fighting the injustice of Ibrahim Shema than be on my knees in your parlour courting your pleasure just for a party ticket! Similarly, I refused to leave APGA to your APC on the eve of elections despite the promises that came with it because of my passionate attachment to my self respect and dignity. I would rather lose elections and be poor but living in respect, self esteem and dignity than be a deputy governor or a Minister living in derision! That is history anyway while the concern of this article is the present.

Mr President I want to remind you of a conversation we had me and you in your parlour in Kaduna in 2013. I asked you a question as to how you will curb corruption in Nigeria to which you gave me an answer typical of what you are doing now. There I disagreed with you and gave you my reasons as to why I thought it will not work. You gave me enough time to convince you as to why true federalism could fight corruption better than EFCC, ICPC etal.

Dr Aliyu Jibia was there with us. What you said at the close of our discussion frightened me! You said the reason why I was convinced of my ideas was because I was an optimist while you were a pessimist! This is cast in stone on my mind!

This equally contributes to why I am writing to you again. Sir that PESSIMISM is today palpable all over the country eventhoug people are wearing defeated optimism on their faces knowing that they have to own you and whatever you do because they made you President. They use weak and pedestrian arguments to defend you and some of your policies even though they are not convinced themselves.

Sir the North and by the North i mean Arewa is dying today and it is dying under your watch! No doubt we are all prooud of your accomplishment in the fight against Boko Haram in the North East but then Sir while we can attest to your valiance over there, you, albeit started another war in northern Nigeria that is not good for you and us as northerners. This war is more dangerous than the Boko Haram war.

The closure of our borders, whatever the long term wisdom of doing that is in the short term killing the North and its people and believe me Sir to bring it back to the North before Buhari, if care is not taken will require more than two terms of your administration!Things we have in the North that have so far kept us alive are two; Commerce and Agriculture! All these are under assault by you. Sir since during the hunting and gathering age, movement of goods and services was a Sinai qua non for socio economic survival of communities. That is why Nigeria acceded to the ECOWAS protocol on free movement of goods and services.

Hausa states in history were made what they were and are as a result of social and economic symbiosis resulting from commerce through the Trans Sahara Trade Routes. That was how Kano came to be strong commercially, that was how Katsina got to be strong educationally and that was why we were great! Today you have completely shut those ROUTES and with it the history of your people and the future of their lives! Kano today is a shell of the former Kano you knew and you will pity your people if you can spare your time to visit and interract with them! I am using Kano because it is the mother of commerce in the North and when the mother is in pain definately all the children suffer. This is replete all over the North. Stalls are becoming empty, shops are being closed, markets deserted and poverty taking over!

Agriculture is the second backbone of our survival. It too is under assault by you sir. Land, labour and implements are what make agriculture, if you take the land that God gave us the remaining two have been taken away by you. The hunger and poverty in the land ars so excruciating that the means to employ the labour to farm and pay for it is not there. What to eat now is the issue not what to save for tomorrow. You have removed the subsidy on fertilizer and it is now selling at N7500 per bag and the means to get the money to buy it and farm is not there. inspite it’s cost it is not even there to buy. It will be by luck and Allah’s mercy that we will be able to produce in 2016 a quarter of what we produced in 2015, and every farmer will tell you sir 2015 was not good!

All these to achieve what Sir? War brings hunger but in the North today we have it aplenty without a war. Whatever anybody might have told you on this is deceptive. Your people are hungry, your people are lost, your people are getting poorer and your northern kinsmen are dying. Still they are praying for you because they love you. Show them your love please to convince them that you have a heart. As for your north, it knows it has lost you to Nigeria, but by the time Nigeria releases you, there may be no North to come back to because that North has been weakend and depraved by you!

May you have pity on us as you would want Allah to have pity on you!


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