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Home Opinion Opinion: No Masari, Renaming ‘KARKANDA STADIUM’ is wrong -By Al-Amin Batsari
Opinion: No Masari, Renaming ‘KARKANDA STADIUM’ is wrong -By Al-Amin Batsari

Opinion: No Masari, Renaming ‘KARKANDA STADIUM’ is wrong -By Al-Amin Batsari



In his 365 days in office, one of the activities Governor Masari engaged himself was to ensure all names attached to government properties in Katsina were changed. Most especially the properties named by past Administration of PDP. Although I saw this act as more of revenge than patriotism, but still it has no harm on the people of Katsina State, so I considered it not so important to deserve my attention. A committee was formed to review all the names attached to this properties and suggest appropriately.

Some of the names were changed such as Fatima shema estate, Ibrahim Shehu Shehu Institute for Management and information Technology, among others, it hurt me not, I even felt they are right, because I didn’t support it when a leader established something and named it after himself. These I believe is not appropriate since its government owned not personal property, so it’s better to stay away, if you want anything in your name, build it personally not with government funds. A leader’s name can be attached to government property when people felt he deserve it. Some even got automatic names from people, Youth Craft Village was name by people themselves as “Makarantar Shema”, etc.

However, even with the above feelings of mine, I still believe the Governor and his Committee was wrong to renamed KARKANDA stadium after Muhammad DIkko. KARKANDA name was most deserving even if it was named by fir’auna, talk less of shema, KAR – Karaduwa, KAN – Katsina, DA – Daura which is acronym of 3 zones of Katsina state. This name emphasizes the importance of each of the 3 zones in the formation and development of Katsina State. When the name was first announced, it was rejected by people themselves including me, however, when everyone get to know what it mean, it was loved by all. Bakatsine from Karaduwa feel he belongs to Katsina state, Badauri from Daura zone feel he belong to Katsina State, and Bakatsine from Katsina central also felt he belong to Katsina State. All the 3 zones felt equally important. It even went far in uniting the division we have among the 3 zones.

Whenever I remembered that name KARKANDA, I reminded myself that in unity we stand, divided we fall. I feel I belong to all the 3 zones, and all the 3 zones belong to me. Why distorting that my feeling which I believed is shared among many Katsinawa, Karduwa and Daurawa? I have a friend from Daura, he told me unequivocally that the only structure he love most, not considering the feeling it was established outside his zone is KARKANDA, a friend from funtua agreed with me that the acronym was indeed best for Katsina State, he even suggested that most of structures in Katsina State, be renamed to KARKANDA, to give feeling of togetherness to all the 3 zones. Unless if His Excellency shared not the same love feeling with us, reconsiderationis necessary.

Please His Excellency, revert it to its previous name, we love and proud of it. Don’t considered it as failure to do something and still revert to old status when it was learnt to be a mistake, no, it is even an extraordinary courage and commitment of a leader, I had wanted you to even renamed our Government House from General Muhammadu Buhari house, to KARKANDA House, I like to have more Karkadas in Katsina please. If you are able to do this, Katsina will forever remember you as uniting factor not a rampaging governor who considered revenge more important than unity.


  1. I see no genuine reason for changing the name of Katsina state stadium from KARKANDA to any name except for political antagonism. What will the government achieve if it changes the stadium’s name? In what ways does the name KARKANDA decrease the progress of Katsina state? To call the attention of the incumbent Katsina government on a very good intelligence of the past government, it named that stadium according to the three zones we have in Katsina “KAR” is for Karadua zone, “KAN” is for Katsina zone while “DA” is for Daura zone after which they are combined together to mean KARKANDA. Please Katsina state government concentrate on the basic assignment so that people of Katsina will be out of this critical, unfriendly and severe financial pain.


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