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Home Opinion RE: Katsina cash crunch -By Mustapha Saddiq
RE: Katsina cash crunch -By Mustapha Saddiq

RE: Katsina cash crunch -By Mustapha Saddiq



With all seriousness, I think any sensible leader in Nigeria (especially a Governor) should have seen this coming. He/she should have forecast this trying moment of cash crunch approaching. The price of crud oil didn’t just crashed in one day so also the dwindling oil revenue to states from the federal government otherwise known as ‘Federal allocation’ didn’t happened overnight. In fact a reasonable leader should have seen (and took cover from) what was happening (and still happening) in some states -some of which we supersede in both population, monthly salary and other recurrent expenditures but collecting  more than ‘us’ from the federation account.

But no! Ours is a typical I-don’t-care Governor (I don’t want to use senseless or irresponsible).

We have a Governor that embark on building (or remodelling or renovation or what ever he called it) of a hotel in Daura that gulped only God knows how much.

We are having a Governor that embark on renovation of old government house at the sum of almost half a billion.

We are having a Governor that immediately embark on the renovation of the then less than 2 years old government house at Exorbitant price.

We are having a governor that renovates commissioners quarters for them to ‘enjoy’ working.

And while all this were going on, the good people of the State wrote so many articles and open letters to his excellency but nothing was done. Instead, some of us were even called names and all by some stupid lesser beings that tend to think any body criticising ‘him’ even if constructively is an enemy of the government.

While some inferior beings thinks that criticising him is tantamount to treason or islamically -shirk.

Let say at this juncture that my Governor has since lost the majority of people’s trust.

We can as well all believe how my Governor will want to talk and associate him self with President Buhari at any slightest opportunity he gets.

Meanwhile; President Buhari and many Governors declared their assets; my Governor didn’t.

President Buhari and many other governors has reduced their salaries by half (or so), my Governor didn’t.

Just of recent, the Governor of Jigawa (our neighbour state) announced a 60% reduction of the state’s government house expenses. What is my Governor doing about that?


The current austerity measures you are trying to observe are good and must be supported by all and sundry in the state but his excellency may wish to know that austerity measures everywhere in the world is being kick-started from the top for moral reasons.

I will implore his excellency to start by voluntarily reducing his salary (even if the basic) and reduce the cost of money spent in running the government house and other unnecessary projects with little bearings to the common man. His excellency can then urge all his political appointees to do same.

He should reduce his and other government officials travellings to the very minimum.

The masses will begin to take you serious only when you prove to them that ‘we are in this together’.

You see, my Governor, leadership is not a rocket science. First earn your followers trust before anything and right now you are loosing ground and very fast too.

Let’s who have the ear listens and he who have eyes reads.

God bless Katsina State.


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