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Home Opinion OPINION: DOES NIGERIA REALLY EXIST…? By Comrade Bashir Gafia



Sequel to the cancellation of Presidential inaugration of OGANI LAND CLEAN UP by Mr. President, going by the history i can personally say NIGERIA only exist physically but never in the mind of Nigerians. Are we to blame the colonial masters who attended Berlin conference of 1844 where they divide africa base on resources without considering our culture, Ethinicity, and religion or the amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria of 1914 by Lord Luggard?

Geographically, Educationally, from Political georaphy, Geography of African development and history of education, one can make conclution there must be a problem within the africans and Nigerians in particular, ranging from the  combination of religions, tribes and ethnics.

We NIGERIANS had never feel sense of belonging among ourselves due to the regional and religious sentiments that dominate our minds which is now transform in to political parties. APC belongs to north and Muslims and PDP belongs to south and christrians because the northerners and muslims that still has support for PDP is just because PDP was a ruling party before and is able to occupy the country and also their own personal interests which might be resources, Godfatherism, grudges etc only few are patriotic and has passion for united Nigeria. APC belongs to northerners and Muslims and the southwest merge because majority of them are muslims or has large number of Muslims, also personal interest is there, some want contest but has no chance in PDP, some are agrieved PDP members, some cant  secure ticket to contest or they were not be given apointments, and few are Buhari diehard supporters who has trust in him or when he win he will arrest PDP who are enhoying now.

But the fact is that during the previous administration Pres. GEJ sufferd critism as clueless who feared Boko Haram to the extent that most of all functions in northwest and northeast he was represented by VP Namadi Sambo due to security reasons and now the history repeat it itself Pres. Buhari cancels two southern trips for security reasons, why because he dont feel safe in the south south and south east.


When Jonathan cant come to north, the northerners shout…

” Arne yana tsoron mutuwa”

” Bayason arewa kudu kadai yake mulki”

”  PDP basu damu da mu ba anata kashemu su kuwa da iyalansu suna abuja tsare”

The southerners””

“They want kill our brother he cant go to them”

“Muslims are bokoharams let them kill themeslves”

“Bokoharam was created to distabilise the jonathan governtment”

“Bokoharam is a scam”

“Nothing like Bokoharam is just that creation of opposition party to distablise our brothers government” etc

While in the north some blieve BH was creation of PDP to reduce the number of northerners during election. NO

Christians are bokoharam, Most of the arrested suspects are christians” NO

Jonathan is bokoharam. NO

There is bokoharam but Jonathan dont want control them because south south are not victims. No

Securities dont want end bokoharam because of the money budgeted for security. Etc.

Going by that you will conclude that no trust between North and south, Muslims and christians…

….does this country exist in our heart?

….Can we tolerate ourselves ?

….when can we start seing no different between norther and southerer?

…Can we accept each other as one?

…when can we start judging things objectively?

May be next the constitution is going to be change to 2 vice presidents V.p north and V.p south or VP muslims and Vp christians. For the purpose of attending functions in two different regions. If we necessarily to stay as one country.

Or that i see Nigeria divided in future because no trust and sense of belonging between north and south and every election is between the 2 regions north against south or christians against muslims.

My opinion…..

Comrade GAFIA B.A


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