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Home TOP NEWS Katsina: Why And How A Newly Wedded Wife Set Her Husband On Fire In Sabuwa LG As Revealed By A Relative (READ)
Katsina: Why And How A Newly Wedded Wife Set Her Husband On Fire In Sabuwa LG As Revealed By A Relative (READ)

Katsina: Why And How A Newly Wedded Wife Set Her Husband On Fire In Sabuwa LG As Revealed By A Relative (READ)



Last week, KATSINA POST posted a news culled from Leadership News paper of a newly wedded wife named Asiya who is currently in police custody for killing her husband by setting him on fire.

However, we have reliably gathered more of the story as to what exactly transpired and ultimately lead to that un holy act as revealed by one ‘Nasir Dalha’ who claimed to be the relative of both the groom and bride.

According to him, both the bride and the groom are related to each other and that it was a case of an arranged forceful marriage of which the bride don’t love the late groom. The bride as he stated is already in love with someone else and wanted to mary only him.

However, trouble began when the bride family wanted to marry her off to her relative by force despite her resistance. But investigation revealed that it was because the man she truly love is not from a wealthy family as her relative he said.

Our informant also revealed that after a forceful engagement of the two, the now docked Asiya ran away from her family to register her disagreement on the issue but returned home some days later after her family assured her that the marriage has been cancelled since she don’t love him. After she came back, the preparation continues.

Our informant who happened to be the late groom’s friend told us how several pleads by them to him to called off the wedding since she don’t loves him fell on deaf ear insisting all will be well when he finally marry her.

According to our informant too, the bride ran again for the second time on their wedding day but she was later traced and found in Gazari village of Sabuwa local government all in Katsina State. She was then taken back home and to her matrimonial home.

According to him, a few weeks after the marriage early in the morning on the faithful day, the bride woke up early, picked up her gallon of petrol which she hide, splashed it everywhere, locked the room with her husband sleeping and set the room on fire and ran. She was later got caught.

The groom later got rescued and rushed to ABU Teaching Hospital before he died eventually.

Before he died, according to our informant who is also the groom’s friend said he once asked where she (his wife was) and he was told she is in police custody but he insisted that he has forgiven her and that she should be released – because of the love he has for her.

May his soul rest in peace, amin.



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