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Home Opinion ACHIEVE: Excerpt Of Gov. Masari’s Speech At The Opening Ceremony Of The Katsina Investment Summit (May 10, 2016)
ACHIEVE: Excerpt Of Gov. Masari’s Speech At The Opening Ceremony Of The Katsina Investment Summit (May 10, 2016)

ACHIEVE: Excerpt Of Gov. Masari’s Speech At The Opening Ceremony Of The Katsina Investment Summit (May 10, 2016)



Our generation of leadership faces radically different challenges from those which confronted the early custodians of the state: accelerating change curve; and fast-paced technological revolution, the birth of digital age, the power and danger of the Social Media in the hands of the citizenry; the miniatuarisation and pervasiveness of destructive technologies; a very savvy and restless youthful population that demands a space and participation in shaping its today and tomorrow; a world that has shrunk into a global, instant and intimate space. All these placed against the background of a stagnant economic growth and development and a shrinking revenue base. These are the challenges of our times.

Time being short, the task being enormous, we have to telescope delivery times, vigorously animate our work culture and systems to deliver on the vision of our founding fathers because, this generation neither brooks delay nor does it accept excuses.

We are humble enough to realize that we could not do it all by ourselves, no matter how hard we try. Looking from within only identifies, clarifies and simplifies our challenges; not necessarily meet them. We realised that we can only go so far alone; and no more. That is why we called on the investing Community, Local and Global, to join us in this enormous but highly rewarding undertaking.

To attract the best-in-breed firms and best among-among-peers companies, in an investors’ market, where they are feted by every forward-looking government, region and community so as to lock-in to their critical resources to unlock their vast potentials in the interest of their peoples and communities, we must make them offers that are uncommonly compelling.

In 2015 The World Bank ranked Katsina State 7th on the Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria; ahead of Lagos, Kano, Rivers and Cross-River States. WE HAVE THIS AUDACIOUS AMBITION: WE INTEND TO JUMP SIX PLACES AND SIT ATOP THE NIGERIAN RANKING.

The State is ranked FIRST in Cotton Production. We are working to fully exploit the cotton value chain, to meet local demand and become a net exporter of the commodity after considerable value addition.

The State ranks 12th in the prevalence of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) density; the State was ranked 17th in Gross State Product with average per capita of $6,022; the Government and people have injected streams of social responsibility inputs in terms of type, time frame and structure of investment, making it one of the few Northern States that bring genuine benefit to its people through investments, guaranteeing maximal returns.

Our vision for Katsina State is that of a proud peerless State where every citizen is employed enjoying a quality of life that surpasses the best state in the Country. A State where the wealth is created and shared in a most inclusive manner, tapped from her people-resources and her richly endowed natural resources. We see a highly industrialised State whose growth and development, while leaving no one behind, are underpinned by harmony between sustainable best practices in environment, clean and renewable energy that is locally, cheaply and sustainably sourced.

It is to this animating vision of Katsina State and the enthralling journey to it, that I invite you to join us, so that together, we can deliver on this compelling vision, in a way and manner that would make us stand tall in history. To this vision we also bring a desperate passion, an acute sense of urgency and fierce sense of the here and now driven by the compelling nature of our current circumstances.

That way, we would have not only actualised the vision of this great State, we would have also accounted for our stewardship during our moment with destiny. Then it may be said, by later generations that ” they did their bit, they didn’t drop the ball.

Finally, Your Excellency, Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, it is my singular honour and privilege to introduce to you all a booklet published by this Government on the ‘Restoration Development Plan’ (2016-2020), which is a “comprehensive strategic plan for each sector of the economy with clear details of policy thrust, objectives, strategies and targets were outlined. By the special grace of Allah (SWT) and all things being equal, this plan is to cost for the period 2016-2020 the sum of N697.752b. As you can see we have a huge task ahead, we shall do our best to deliver on our promise, in Sha Allah.

As Mr. President leads us to declare this summit open, it is akin to him laying, symbolically, the foundation stone for the State of our dreams which stays true to the lofty expectations of our fathers while being worthy of our stewardship.”

Thank you.

Gov ABM at the opening Ceremony of the Katsina State Economic and Investment Summit holding at the State Secretariat. (May 10, 2016)


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