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Home Opinion HON. ‘DANLAMI KURFI & THE CHANGE MANTRA: A Mistake NOT expected So early -By Comrade Yusuf Dutsin-ma 
HON. ‘DANLAMI KURFI & THE CHANGE MANTRA: A Mistake NOT expected So early -By Comrade Yusuf Dutsin-ma 

HON. ‘DANLAMI KURFI & THE CHANGE MANTRA: A Mistake NOT expected So early -By Comrade Yusuf Dutsin-ma 



With due respect and without much ado, I am forced to write this piece of open letter to Hon. Danlami Muhammad Kurfi, a member House of Representatives (Dutsin-ma/Kurfi).

Hon. Sir, If you could well recall, exactly 399 days when poor compatriots (Youths, old : Men and Women) shun all vices of comments and rumours of you being a PDP tag in APC suit; came out en mass to March for you with high expectation that you will follow suit in Baba Buhari’s Change Agenda.

Although am NOT sure on what people are saying about you, that you’re boostly saying that ‘You bought the Reps Chair with your Money’. If it’s true you say so then, it’s a great mistake that might lend you in trouble of no espace with the masses come 2019. And if it’s a political whichhunt which i surely know is possible then; time will tell and by then the cookie will crumbles as it does always.

Hon. Sir, being you a former PDP card carrying member with which you’re once a Member House of Assembly; people gave their second thought that “You did’nt change a bit”.

This perception follows your recent donations of Prestige Peauget cars to the traditional rulers of Kurfi and Dutsin-ma respectively, with alot of people seing it as PDP-resembler-skill : Where ‘MAI KARFI NE KAWAI KUKE KARAWA KARFI’.

Hon. Sir, permit me please to give a consent of advise; as big number of citizens you’re representing shows their lively appreciation of some constituency projects and donations to the helpless and needy you embark upon, thr likes of gutters rehabilitation, Maize/Rice donations to the orphanage, Payment of training fees to the Police/Air Force applicants of both Kurfi and Dutsin-ma Communities.

BUT, a huge donation of any kind to any high ranking political/traditional title holder is opposed to the Change we voted for. And for your information, those elites (especially the T.R) were not in support of our change movement in the past elections.

I am therefore throwing the pieces open for you, you either continue with constituency needs of your people or you add to the previledge of Traditional/Political office holders; the masses are all ears and eyes. And when the right time comes, they (Talakkawas and the Masses) will hurt you where it hurts.

A time when not EVEN the Emirate Council can operate the ‘Card Reader’.


Best of Luck

Comr. Yusuf Dutsin-ma


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