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Home Opinion Open Letter To Hon. Aliyu Sabiu Muduru (Speaker KTSHA) By Mubarak MB Akilu
Open Letter To Hon. Aliyu Sabiu Muduru (Speaker KTSHA) By Mubarak MB Akilu

Open Letter To Hon. Aliyu Sabiu Muduru (Speaker KTSHA) By Mubarak MB Akilu



Dear Sir,

Happy new month sir, hope the family, legislative duties and services to humanity are all great. May ALLAH (SWT) continue to guide and protect you, Amin.

Honourable, forgive my decision of writing an open letter housing words means for only your ears, it’s deliberate but my best wishes to you at all the time!!!

Sir, this letter is as a result of the ongoing fracas between we (APC Loyalists) and Abu Total (the member representing funtua in KTSHA) Over the arrest of “Sani Hamza Funtua” who wrote an open letter to him expressing his concerns over his style of leadership. Therefore, this letter is not trying to check mate, take side or support any of the two. Whereas the letter is trying to draw your attention over the possible dangers and consequences that may come to be in the nearest future of our loyal party (All Progressive Congress).

Please show us you are political roll model to many Nigerians.

Hon. Sir, According to “Hausa” Adage, “Words are like hatch stalks which if stripped off from the weaver, couldn’t be inserted back, just like an arrow which cannot be recalled once released from the quiver” Rage and solace, page-75 by Abdul-Azeez Abdul-Azeez)

Muduru, I am much worried, when I visited a Facebook group yesterday and find out that this local champion and base less character who is trying to misconstrued your political and social status ordered the arrest of sani hamza funtua who I know as an activist and political analyst. My self and many of likes bashed it as an attempt to vilify Nigerians for using their GOD given freedom of speech to air out their agitation and impulse.

Sir, I want you to Remind Abdu Total and all other political office holders that as a leader it could be said that you are an object of perpetual criticism, which ever forms it comes your way (constructive or attacking), you have got to engraved it with every sense of tolerance, as the moment you signed to be a leader you have automatically signed to be criticise, scrutinised, evaluate, check and to be questioned for your action and inaction.

Sir, let me say this, those things we do, rightly or otherwise will either bring peace or break us, which is why I choose to put down my worries and fears especially that, it seems some people do not really care about their integrity and the well-being of the future of those close to them. Please let the truth be told, if some one as responsible as Hon. Audu total a father, teacher, leader and a law Maker could stoop so low with all disgusting manner, imagine…( NAFI KARFINKA, NAFI KARFIN UBANKA, SAI NA WULAKANTAKA)….Haba, What kind of leader is this…??? Infact, it’s a pity that this man is a leader and a law maker at the same time…”I really sympathize with my people from funtua” for having a such motor-park tout to rule and represent them in KTSHA.

My Hon, please kindly inform Him that life is too short to engage in ventures of HATE, CHARACTER ASSASINATION AND TOUT-LIKE activities. The both of them are MARRIED MEN for Allah’s sake. Haba…………..! Every human being is important, ALLAH (SWT) has said, in the “HONLY QUR,AN” ( We have dignified the son of Adam…and we have carried them in the land and the sea, and we have given them of the good things, and we have made them to excel by an appropriate over those who we have created) Al-Israa verse 70.

Finally, Sir, I want you to advice Audu Total to come out and apologise publicly over the mistake he made… If not we will teach him a very big and unforgettable lesson.

Rejoice With Diplomacy.

With much regard, Respect and loyalty Sir.

MB Akilu wrote from Musawa


  1. Let me tell you, you are the one made a big mistake not Abu Total you are from musawa u dont knw anything about political issues in funtua.Since that guy use to write misbehave open letter nobody among you that ever stop sani hamza for that and now you are sayin that.

  2. The open letter which he wrote to hon.Abu Total shortly is not the one make to arrest sani hamza there other letters very bad in the name of political criticism before people more espicially from funtua are the eye witness.Always Sani Hamza is saying there are freedom of expression so he has right to express his vew but he forgotte there are scope and limitation sani hamza does nt consider that.

  3. Aminu sarki shut up your mouth,, ur comment indicates that you are political thugs..

  4. Is sani Hamza still in police custody? The silence of Total since the occurrence has put doubt in our minds that he is not the kind of person to represent our people in the KTSHA. All those who depend total could not explain things better. It is high time we put our Law makers in check. The so called open letter i read was not offensive and the Law maker deliberately refused to explain to the general public what has happened. Arrogant total should know that we most keep him in check, his constituency most evaluate and criticise his actions. The earlier he tolerate the better.


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