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Home Opinion OPINION: Governor Masari’s Non-democratic Ideology By Comrade Ibrahim Haruna MaiJama’a
OPINION: Governor Masari’s Non-democratic Ideology By Comrade Ibrahim Haruna MaiJama’a

OPINION: Governor Masari’s Non-democratic Ideology By Comrade Ibrahim Haruna MaiJama’a




Saying a little I know about Katsina state, “home of heritage and hospitality”, a state of over 5.8 million mannish. Katsina state is home to some of the best and brightest of Nigerian public servants, politicians and military top brass. The only Nigerian state blessed with two consecutive civilian head of state; late Umar Musa Yar’adua and General Muhammad Buhari. Other Katsinawa dignitaries include: late General Hassan Usman Katsina, Major-General Shehu Musa Yar’adua, former chief of justice of the federation Muhammad Bello, two past Inspector’s generals of police: Muhammad Dikko Yusuf and Ibrahim Comassie, and pioneer chairman of the Bureau of public Enterprises, Hamza Rafindadi Zayyad among others. Over and above all, the memory of these mystical persons shall never fade away in the memory of Katsina state and Nigeria at large. More so, I had a numbing sensation, eerie and uncanny that; if governor Masari will have a prowess of becoming among the aforementioned Katsina state gladiators.

To clarify the discussion further, being an indigene of Katsina state, a proponent of this error of change and comrade in struggle at the same time, my mind was not at ease, why because; the darkness of nondemocratic philosophy has been cast in governor Masari’s administration and it is trying to cover the flashes of light of his political perseverance. The pain was none stopped in my mind, the pain ripped through my skull every day I think of this ideology. Be that as it may, Masari was a good and vibrant political practitioner, I can stand by this everywhere, but to my surprise and the people of Katsina state, Masari aggrandizement of nondemocratic system is trying to prove us wrong, few among which are: renaming of the most important projects of the past Ibrahim Shehu Shema-led administration and painting of our primary schools with a colour of his party (APC party colour) which his administration renovated, knowing the fact that you were not the founder of such schools. Sir, I think it’s time we talked about a filthy confidentielle out of Katsina state. In addition, your Excellency Sir, I believe you are not helpless and you are not alone. There are more than count political strategists in Katsina state you can consults, you even have protocols for your decision making and any office work that will help you to win the power and glory of Katsina state people. Sir, you should better find your way…..Follow your instincts, reasonably, of course.

None the less, Hon. Aminu Bello Masari do not come to power by crime, instead, he come to power by support and trust of Katsina state citizens. So, how could he thinks he can win the power and glory of Katsinawa by high-handed of someone image? Well, the people around him whom I believe are political amateur by superlative of comparison should not dictates to him about do and don’ts of his administration. According to some British council studies; as a leader, whenever you’re in a stress situation yourself—and there’s time, of course—do exactly as you would do when you project yourself into one you’re observing.  Let your mind fall free, let whatever thoughts and images that surface come cleanly. Try not to exercise any mental discipline. Be a sponge, concentrate on everything and nothing. Specifics may come to you, certain repressed conduits electrically prodded into functioning. As a governor, you are a leader, you are to leads and not to be lead. Again and again, as Wikipedia says, a leader has qualities which include charismatic, inspiration, initiative and drive; role modelling; preoccupation with a role; a clear sense of purpose and commitment; result-orientation; and optimism. In fact, so much of these actions of nondemocratic ideology of yours or your cabal has to be rehabilitated in one way or the other.

After a little digging, I realized that, the people of Katsina state condemn governor Masari ideology of snatching someone projects. So, Apparently, I am a latecomer to this conversation. Well, you don’t need to think deeply to realize that the nondemocratic aggrandizement of governor Masari is one heck of a hilariously delusional intellectual scammer in the mold of politicians’ democratic ideology. Your Excellency Sir, if you are soliciting to be among aforesaid Katsina state heroes, in the next generation to come, then you should not have dared the ideology of these culprits ab initio. Your Excellency Sir, one should neither become the elite of one entity by unfair rule and high-handed nor by tarnishing someone image. Therefore, katsinawa say this is enough! It may even be unfair, to list these activities among the changes brought by your government, you may not be pluribus unum!

To sum all I said, I do not learnt about Hon. Aminu Bello Masari second-handed, so also the people of Katsina state. From what we learnt about him; he is a man of honor but we believe the enemies of progress around him are trying to betray our trust and he just folds his hands, this is absurd! In conclusion, Sir, remember, neither of them knew when it happened, or, in truth, whether it had happened. Or, if it had, to what lengths either would go to preserve it, or deepen it. Your advisers should be a rational thinkers and not a lay about. There was no essential change, no conflicts to overcome or barriers to surmount if your advisers and protocols should be thinking like politicians. All that was required was communication, by words and looks, and, perhaps as vital as either of these, the frequent accompaniment of quiet decision making at all time.


God Bless Katsina state,

God Bless Nigeria at large!

Comrade Ibrahim Haruna MaiJama’a


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